Please respond to proposals for new cycleway and road changes in Leith

A new consultation has opened up this week about:

(1) a proposed new cycle route (called ‘Leith Connections’) from the bottom of Leith Walk to Ocean Terminal. The main aim is to create a segregated lane, to make cycling safer, but the plans also include some very radical changes to the roads and traffic along the route, including narrowing lanes, removal of parking and loading bays, moving bus stops and restricting access to several streets, including Yardheads, Parliament Street, Sandport Bridge.

(2) a proposed new ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhood’ (LTN) for the whole of Leith which would see many roads closed to through traffic. This is building on the city council’s ‘Active Travel Plan’ and aims to make the streets within the zone safer and more pleasant to walk and cycle and wheel in.

Either or both of these would mean very extensive permanent changes to how we get around Leith.

The Leith Links Community Council area is half in, and half out of the proposed LTN, but whether we happen to live inside or outside it, we will all be affected by the resulting effects on traffic.

Please take the time to read the proposals and respond to the consultation, which you can find here.

You can respond to the questionnaire as laid out, but it is one of those ones that sort of leads you into what the Council wants to hear, so it might suit you better to (also) use the other facility, which is to email your response to

The consultation closes on 28th February. Don’t put it off!!!

Feel free to also add comments below, if you wish, and we will try to incorporate these into the Community Council response.


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