192 people cast 1467 votes to decide who gets Community Links Funding

Our Community Links Fund social voting day was a overwhelming success with 192 people casting 1467 votes to decide who should receive over £15,000 of funding.

With thirty three projects seeking funding competition is tough but the community of the Leith Links Community Council area took the time to meet the projects before casting their votes.  A face painter and two social cafe areas were available to ensure the day was as much about bringing the community together, as it was to vote.

Online voting remains open until 12noon on Wednesday 15 March 2017, with results announced on Thursday 16 March, from 18:30 in Leith Community Education Centre.

Community Links Fund – deadline for applications approaching

Our Community Links Fund, which has £15,500 to fund local community projects will close for applications on Monday 27 February 2017.

If you are thinking about submitting an application, want to talk through an application or need some help formulating your idea – get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We have three drop in events scheduled to provide you with advice & support and to lodge completed applications;

  • Wednesday 22 February from 11am until 1pm in Restalrig & Lochend Community Hub
  • Thursday 23 February from 6pm until 8pm in Leith Community Centre
  • Monday 27 February from 6pm until 7pm in Leith Community Centre

If you need help, do not delay – contact us today by email, hello@communitylinksfund.net or by calling 0131 467 0884.

Community Links Fund 2016/2017

Leith Links Community Council has been running its very own participatory budgeting process. Originally, we had £15,500 of community grant money available (from a Scottish Government Community Empowerment grant), but by being frugal with admin costs we were able in the end to allocate £16,461.66 to fund projects. Applications ran from 12/12/16 until 27/2/17, and 33 projects applied for funds totalling over £47,000

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