A New Years message

A New Year message from Gail Clapton, Vice Chairperson of Leith Links Community Council;


Sadly 2021 has been a difficult year for many people in Leith and beyond, and our thoughts go out to all those who have faced hardship and the loss of loved ones throughout the pandemic.

Unfortunately, moving into the New Year of 2022 sees us under similar restrictions as this time last year so perhaps not ‘the times they are a changing’ just yet.

Many have faced having to adapt to working from home with little or no direct interaction with their work colleagues other than online.  Not ideal but perhaps a safe approach. Similarly, Leith Links Community Council has continued with Zoom calls and it has been encouraging to see more people joining in and it would be good to see that participation continue whether online or in person, when that option returns to us.

It is to be hoped that as more medical advances are made we can meet the current setback as we have other challenges in the past.

So Leithers, lets Persevere, and head into 2022 with high hopes for a light at the end of this long tunnel.

With sincere good wishes to all for a happier and healthier New Year.