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Local resident, Fred Parsons, left a comment on a page on our blog recently, but we thought we should post it here instead. Whilst we should make it clear that these are his personal opinions, we also want this blog to offer a forum for debate. We understand that not all residents can attend Community Council meetings, and so we will take into account residents views expressed on our blog too.

So, if you’d like to respond to any points Fred makes, whether you agree, or disagree, then please add your thoughts in the comments section below. If you live in the Leith Links Community Council area, and would like to write an ‘opinion’ piece on any subject for this blog then please do contact us.

I write to highlight and urge local residents to complain about the proposed Biomass Plant at Leith Harbour. This has been suggested and planned by people who obviously know nothing of our geographical location. Leith is prone to coastal Haar several times a year and in different seasons. This giant incinerator will pump dust, ash, soot and smoke into the local atmosphere. During the times that Leith experiences Haar and sea fog, this smoke and ‘smog’ will hang and choke the air quality of our local communities. I count at least three schools, possibly four locally which are less than one mile from the proposed plant. There are also several nursery schools in the local area close to Leith Harbour. If you are a parent who lives locally, I personally would be concerned about this potential polution. There is not enough scientific evidence to say for certain that there are no health risk implications using this technology. So why are we proposing using it on the doorstep of our communities?

Leith is supposed to be going through a regeneration period with a vision of new housing, trams, office developments etc etc. So who on earth thought that a giant chimney would fit into this new vision of the Waterfront of Edinburgh and Leith? Tourists and visitors who will travel down Leith Walk are going to be confronted by an ugly power station and sixty to hundred meter high chimney dominating the landscape. Who would want to shop at Ocean Terminal with a huge Biomass Plant sitting just across the road?

The green aspects being sold and marketed of the Biomass Plant are completely bogus. Burning fuel is not the way forward. We have been advised to stop burning fuel haven’t we? I can’t believe that there is a special fuel which is okay to burn… suddenly. That is just all too convenient. And why on earth would we import fuel from Sweden? This is a fuel which has to be shipped here into Leith Harbour? Surely that negates any green credentials as this implies a massive carbon footprint left by making this journey.

Should we celebrate the mere handful of jobs which will be created at this new Biomass Plant? These will mostly be skilled jobs to operate the plant and they will probably not go to locals initially. The most likely sustainable jobs will go to the people who drive the trucks of the biodegradable waste which may be burnt at the plant. And who will take out the residual waste from the plant? I cannot see the job numbers delivered by this project as being any kind of triumph for Edinburgh.

As for combating Co2 omissions in Scotland… why were they set so high? Surely we have other methods at our disposal which are far more effective than using Biomass fuel. And why do we have to aim for these unrealistic targets in such a short time frame? It is ironic that Leith Harbour dock area houses companies who create modules for the wave power initiative being pioneered in Scotland. This is a very practical and logical energy solution. Wind turbines are also a very effective energy harness which will benefit Scotland for the future. Burning fuel however is a contradiction in terms. Again, there does not appear to be enough scientific evidence to suggest that this has an adverse effect on our atmosphere.

At least, this is an ill conceived idea and solution to our energy problems. At worst, it is a cancer being introduced into the heart of our community.
Stop it now. Please add your voice of opposition.

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