Michael Traill

I first joined the Community Council in early 2016 at an interim election, I was re-elected at the city wide elections in Autumn 2016 when we went through a public ballot before being re-elected in Autumn 2019 during city wide elections.

I worked in Leith from 2004 until 2015 and have lived in Leith since 2014.

During my time on the Community Council I have been involved in community engagement work (by doing work on our website, social media channels) and by managing some of our public consultations.

During my time on the the current Community Council I am keen to continue focusing on engaging our community more and celebrating/encouraging community spirit.  Additionally I take an interest in showing leadership to other Community Councils by bringing us together for shared training & events.

I am currently the Community Councils Engagement Officer, Licensing Secretary and Webmaster.

My other roles in the community include;