City of Edinburgh Council considers demolition of disused Leith Links building

City of Edinburgh Council have this week announced that they are considering demolishing a disused building on Leith Links. The building which is located next to the tennis courts and bowling greens has been unused for some time.Image

Members of Leith Links Community Council were informed at our meeting of Monday 30 November 2020 that the demolition is being considered due to anti social behaviour at the site and the building being in a poor condition.

We are not aware of the Councils full intentions for the site at this time.

If any citizens have any views as to whether the building should be demolished or not please do share your views (as well as any questions etc) with the three Leith Ward Councillors;

And please do share your views in the comments box below so that we know your views.




  • Derek G

    I know Covid brought things to a crashing halt, but what was wrong with Project 42’s plans for the building? Given a vaccine’s in the offing, why not speak to them again?

  • Craig Wylie

    I raised a couple of CC sessions ago that area needs a plan, a responsible organisation that will actually utilise the area for something. Personally I want to see what the plan is for that area and take it from there, then talk about demolition if that’s appropriate but this feels like a sticky plaster on a wider issue

  • John

    This whole area of the Links needs sorted! Convert it into toilets and a cafe, move and extend the tennis courts over to where the old bowling greens are and put in a Small Skatepark where the tennis courts are now.
    Make the Links great again…

  • Willy Barr

    I think this is still a viable building in a great location that could be used to benefit the local community. Has anyone spoken to Bare Branding about their interest in this building?

  • Fiona

    I would want to know more about why the council plan demolition and what their plan for that area is (assuming they have one).
    I would welcome redevelopment as it’s a wasted space. But it’s sad that community ideas to develop have been ignored or rejected… I thought the Projekt 42 proposal was good but the council rejected it. Involving the community in any plans seems essential to me.

  • D

    Fix the links in this post so that people can actually contact the councillors.
    This needs to be a community building that will benefit locals. Like the Dry Dock and the Croft. Don’t take this resource away from needy people.

  • Allan Preston

    Build something for the kids to play in like a skateboard park, along with a cafe for parents and kids to use, we are losing too much outdoor areas for kids to play. I had years of fun down at the old putting, bowling greens and tennis courts, make it useful, attract kids from all over to the area for skateboarding or bikes just don’t let it lie empty and rot away..

  • Nick Watson

    I thought Project 42! We’re interested in this building. It would be a great asset to turn it into a community gym

  • Linda Nicol Smith

    I agree that the space should be used for the community and the building should be repurposed for community ventures. It’s too easy to demolish it . A proper plan for the Links is long overdue.

  • I agree with the comments above. Convert the unused bowling greens in a skatepark which would give older kids another much needed leisure facility.

    After the number of anti-social incidents of public urination in the streets around the Links throughout the summer, public toilets would be very welcome. The nearest ones are at the foot of Great Junction Street, far too far away to be of practical use and this would help support the greater number of people who enjoy the Links socially in he warmer months.

  • Roxy

    If we are insisting on leaving the road closed then I suggest using the space and turning it into a recreational space, skate park would be great, extend the tennis courts a basketball court?

  • Roy Reynolds

    Agree with Alan Preston,, the land there was given to the Leith ppl for recreation.. Must be given to help our kids, !! You have Leith Athletic on the door step with over 500 kids , Build a community hall with changing rooms, and sports room,ie Table tennis, pool and snooker tables.. All run and self supported by the club. The area around the Links, is building more and more houses, so the kids need a vocal point, a community, a club and a identity.!!
    Astro turf the old bowling greens, put a dome over it so the kids can be indoors working on their skills. !!
    Exactly what we need to do in Scotland,!!!
    If the kids have a safe and warm place to go, with friends and family, it will get them out the house..
    playing on their games.!!! Everyone’s a winner,… Helps health and mental health

  • Ian

    Glad the Projekt 42 proposal was rejected, no way this space should be used for their commercial fitness classes should always be open access, build all weather football pitches and a skate park, basketball

    Local primary schools could make use of it as have very limited facilities

  • It is typical of the Council to let a building get so run down and vandalised that it is cheaper to demolish it than fix it – and in the process of dereliction to fail to accept offers for re-use or find someone to use it. This pattern is found in other parks across the city.

    The area surrounding this vandalised hut is an absolute disgrace and really a waste – derelict bowling greens only used for dogs and groups drinking and drug tak8ng Rubbish strewn, lots of broken glass, ghastly dumpsters, graffiti, and recently the solid wood benches have been taken away. Sorting out this area is long overdue – there are so many different things it could be used for but in keeping with the tennis courts which are heavily used in good weather surely some more courts – eg basketball and/or five a side football and space for outdoor classes like tai chi would make sense. Alternatively a proper flower or sensory garden with seating to create a calm sociable area provided it was maintained and free of dog poo and broken bottles. The hut surely has plumbing and could provide public toilets and a store for equipment. The council should, as others suggest, not demolish it until and unless there is a proper plan for this part of the park with a timetable to get it done too, which makes it more useable than now. And please not just more allotments.

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