Community views sought on streets in Leith Links area which should be considered for closure

On 29 April 2020 we let you know about the partial closure of Links Gardens as part of the City of Edinburgh Council response to the current Covid-19 national health crisis.

We would now invite you to suggest other streets in the Leith Links Community Council which should be considered for closure.

Please be aware that the Council need to take into account a wide range of factors when considering closing streets which means that not all suggestions will be able to be acted upon. Likely factors may be whether the street forms part of a bus route and access for emergency services.

Think about telling us why you are suggesting a particular street and how you feel that street being closed would benefit our community.


The area within the red line is the Leith Links Community Council area.

Leith Links Community Council will consider the feedback at our next meeting, due to be held on Monday 25 May 2020 at 18:30 on Zoom. Further details will be published on our website.

In the meantime we will make sure that our local Councillors know that they may visit our website to see some of our communities views.

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  • Farhana Alvi

    This route is used for access to Leith Primary School…please do not make it more difficult for working parents who are stressed enough trying to get kids to school on time.

  • Rhona Alcorn

    The route appears to have been designated a ‘pinch point’ but there is no indication of what evidence lies behind this assessment. What exactly is the problem that this measure is designed to address?

    • Howard Wollman

      I agree. We need evidence of a particular problem to assess the supposed solution. I have been walking across Links Gardens frequently during my coronavirus exercise and have seen no sign of any problems with traffic which is sparse.

  • Iain Lamb

    Fully supportive of the plans. Parents could either walk or cycle with their children or park elsewhere. Some parents’ perception that they need to drive their children to school shouldn’t override the needs of all the other road users.
    I’m sure the number of pedestrians and cyclists on Links Gardens far outweighs the number of parents who drive their children to the primary school.

    Perhaps Poplar Lane south of Pattison St could be closed – footways are narrow and alternatives exist in Elbe Street and Salamander Place.

  • Gordon Carmichael

    I think there should be a partial closure of the streets between Lochend Road and Restalrig Road – at the ends of Ryehill Gardens, Cornhill Terrace and Restalrig / East Restalrig Terrace using modal filters. These would maintain vehicle access for residents but prevent / deter through-traffic except for people walking, cycling or for emergency vehicles. Due to narrow pavements in this area, people need to walk on the roads to socially distance – these measures would prevent traffic increasing again once the lockdown measures are relaxed, improving air quality and making the roads safer for children, particularly in and around Hermitage Park Primary.

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