Community Council elections 2019 | Information for candidates

The next election process for Leith Links Community Council will be in September & October 2019. If you think you might be interested in standing as a Community Councillor, we would be be very pleased to hear from you, as early as possible.

This page will be updated with information as it becomes available.



Elected Representatives

We can have up to twelve directly elected Community Councillors on Leith Links Community Council.

Individuals seeking election to our Community Council must be nominated by a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be on the electoral register for the the Leith Links Community Council area. Each elector may only propose one nominee and second one nominee. Nominations require to be submitted with the candidate’s consent. Self-nomination is not permitted.

Nomination forms can be obtained, and submitted to the Returning Officer. When the nomination period begins we will update this page to detail who the Returning Officer is (usually one of our Ward Councillors) and provide a link to download the papers.

Nominations close on 30 September 2019 at 4pm. Nomination forms submitted to the Returning Officer will then be checked to ensure that nominees, proposers and seconders are all registered electors for the relevant community council area. The Returning Officer will count the number of validly completed nomination forms.

At this point there can be three outcomes:

  1. Uncontested election –if the number of nominees is equal to or more than half the number of permitted members but does not exceed the maximum number of permitted members the candidates will be declared duly elected and no poll will need to be held.
  2. Contested election – if the number of nominees is more than the maximum number of permitted members then a poll is required. Where an election is contested it will be conducted by secret ballot of local electors, organised by the Returning Officer in accordance with the Scottish Local Election Rules but subject to modification. Voting in a contested election will be a combination of e-voting and postal voting. Polling day would be 31 October 2019.
  3. Unsuccessful elections – If the number of nominees is less than half number of permitted members no community council will be established.

The timetable for the election of individual elected Community Councillors is as follows:

Monday 9 Sept Publication of Notice of Election (start of nomination period)
Monday 30 Sept 4pm Deadline for nominations (forms to Returning Officer)
Monday 30 Sept 4pm Deadline for withdrawal of nominations
Thursday 10 October Publication of Notice of Poll (if a poll is required)
Thursday 31 Oct Polling Day (if a poll is required)

It is worth noting that during our last election we supported candidates by producing a printed & online candidates booklet so that voters could view information about those standing, and we undertook local promotion of the election to encourage voting.


Nominated representatives

Community Councils can also have representatives from recognised local interest groups. We have spaces for up to six such members.

Local interest groups who wish to put someone forward as a nominated member must be registered with City of Edinburgh Council.

Registration forms for local interest groups should be returned to the City of Edinburgh Council’s Elections Team who will ensure that qualifying organisations are appropriately registered by the close of nominations (30 September 2019). The Elections Team will inform the Returning Officer of the number of valid application forms received. Where the number of nominations does not exceed the maximum number of nominated members those nominees will be declared duly elected.

Should the number of nominees registered exceed the maximum number of nominated members, the Returning Officer will convene a meeting of representatives from all registered local interest groups and the elected members of the community council. Participants at this meeting will vote by ballot to determine which local interest groups will become members.

The timetable for the election of representatives of local interest groups is as follows:

Monday 9 Sept Notice of Election
Monday 30 Sept Close of Registration

Potential candidates mailing list

If you would like to receive occasional emails with information for potential candidates, please join here. We will remove your email address from our website at the conclusion of the elections process or upon request we can remove you email address before then.

Community Council elections 2019 | Potential candidates mailing list
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If you have any questions about the election process please do not hesitate to contact us, or the City of Edinburgh Council ( or, or by telephone on 0131 469 3870.