Who can attend a Leith Links Community Council meeting?

Anyone! Meetings relate primarily to issues affecting our area and anyone affected or with an interest is welcome to attend.


How do I raise a matter with Leith Links Community Council?

At each of our public meetings there is an opportunity for members of the community to raise an issue of concern.  Alternately,you may contact us between meetings by email or via social media.

You can raise any issue with the Community Council if it affects the community.


I want to complain about rubbish collections / litter / fly tipping / etc. in the local Leith Links Area- is that a Community Council matter, or a City of Edinburgh Council matter?

It is a City of Edinburgh Council matter, and you should contact them directly, hopefully for immediate action. But if you are not satisfied with Council action and the problem persists, the Community Council and your elected local Councillors would like to hear about your complaint and may be able to help. Email Waste@edinburgh.gov.uk with your complaint (attaching a photo might help) and copy us in at contact@leithlinkscc.org.uk


Who are my local elected councillors, then, and how do I contact them?


There is a list of the recently elected Councillors here.