A festive message

A festive message from Jim Scanlon MBE, Chairperson of Leith Links Community Council;


Last Christmas we ended our message hoping that Christmas 2021 would be better.

You may not believe it but things have got better. Since last year the vaccine programme has been successful with most of the population double jabbed and have had or waiting to get the booster.

Unfortunately with this new wave of the virus we have to be careful when going out but if we’re sensible you can still enjoy Christmas with your family. Test test test before you meet up to protect yourself and others.

We are all having to learn to live with this virus to survive and have a reasonable life in this “new” normal.

Remember all those people who you all plan to phone and never do? Why not take the time to call one or two. I can guarantee they’ll appreciate it and you could feel better.

On behalf of the Community Council I hope you all have a peaceful and safe festive period.