Forth Energy Biomass Plans Update

The latest news we have is that Forth Energy plan to submit their planning application to build a large Biomass power plant on Leith Docks in November, with rumours that there will be a further public exhibition of the detailed plans in the next couple of weeks. The Application then goes through a ‘gateway’ checking process, before the statutory 28 day period for public consultation begins.

Malcolm Chisholm raised concerns that this could mean that the public consultation period could run over the festive period when everyone is on holiday. In this article in the Evening News, Calum Wilson, Director of Forth Energy, said in response:

“It is too early to say when the application will go in, but we have no intention of eroding the 28-day period. It depends how fast the gateway process is. If it only takes two weeks, we could submit the application at the end of November, which would mean the 28 days was up by Christmas. Or we could wait out until January if it gets the go ahead in mid-December. We will work with the Scottish Government to make sure there is a full, clear consultation period.”

There is therefore a possibility that things could suddenly move fairly quickly in the next couple of months. As we’re keen that local residents have as much of an opportunity as possible to make an informed response to the objection we recommend that you check out some of these key sources of information:

The Developer is Forth Energy. Click here to read the documentation relating to their Leith proposals.

The Scottish Government Energy Consent Unit is the body that will decide whether the plant will go ahead. At present they have published a ‘Scoping Opinion” that sets out the issues that Forth Energy must address in their detailed planning submission. Click here to read the Scoping Opinion.

Leith residents, community groups, and politicians recently led a call for a national moratorium on large biomass plants. An open letter was published in the Scotsman, on the Guardian website, as well as a number of other blogs. Read the letter and find out more on the Greener Leith website here.

Members of Leith Links Residents Association have also set-up the Leith Against the Biomass Plant Campaign Facebook Group.

As soon as we have more information on this major development, we’ll post another update.

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