Help City of Edinburgh Council decide which streets need adapted as part of its Covid-19 response

The City of Edinburgh Council, with support from Sustrans Scotland, is introducing temporary measures to protect public health and support physical distancing. These measures will make it easier and safer for people to get around our streets for essential journeys and exercise.

Using their online tool citizens can submit suggestions on their interactive map, and others can show their support for any suggestions. Of course, additional feedback can still be submitted to your local Councillors – Booth, McVey & Munro or by emailing Council officers at

There are a number of suggestions & feedback relating to the Leith Links Community Council area on the Councils website, an example of three such streets are;


  • Cornhill Terrace. Barrier is pavement is too narrow. Suggestions to address this are to both extend the pavement and close to the road to vehicles.
  • East Hermitage Place. Barriers are amount of traffic, speed of traffic, no safe place to cross, pavement too narrow & sharing paths with other users. Suggestions to address this are to slow vehicles, extend pavement, add a protected cycle lane to the main road, restrict or suspend vehicle parking & improve crossing.
  • Wellington Place. Barriers are amount of traffic, pavement parking/clutter, speed of traffic & path too narrow. Suggestions to address this are close the street to vehicles & restrict or suspend vehicle parking.

Please do have a look at the Councils website to view suggestions already made, show your support for any which you think would be beneficial to our community and / or make your own suggestions.Image

Streets in the Leith Links Community Council area which have been commented on include;

  • Baltic Street
  • Cornhill Terrace
  • Constitution Street
  • Duke Street
  • Duncan Place
  • Easter Road
  • East Hermitage Place
  • Elbe Street
  • Hermitage Park
  • Johns Place
  • Links Gardens
  • Leith Walk
  • Lochend Road
  • Restalrig Railway Path
  • Salamander Street
  • Salamander Place
  • Wellington Place


Click here to view for the Spaces for People online web tool. Please note that the closing date for suggestions is Monday 29 June 2020