Inaugural meeting of New Leith Links Community Council

On Monday 28 October 2019 Councillor Gordon Munro, acting as Returning Officer for the Leith Links Community Council election of 2019, declared eleven members of our community to be elected unopposed as elected members of Leith Links Community Council.

Also at the inaugural meeting members elected office bearers, and appointed members to key roles & sub committees, which are as detailed below:


  • Gail Clapton – Treasurer.
  • Abby Cunningham – Parks & Greenspaces Sub Committee.
  • Angus Hardie – Planning Sub Committee.  Community Councils Together on Trams representative.
  • David Igoe – Parks & Greenspaces Secretary.
  • Rafiqul Islam
  • Sally Millar – Secretary. Planning Sub Committee.
  • Andrew MacKenzie – Planning Secretary.  Community Councils Together on Trams representative.
  • Christine Reid – Parks & Greenspaces Sub Committee.
  • Jim Scanlon – Chair. Planning Sub Committee. Seafield co-lead.
  • Eileen Simpson – Seafield co-lead.
  • Michael Traill – Engagement Officer. Licensing Secretary.

We currently have eleven elected Community Councillors out of a possible twelve.

We also have six vacancies for nominated representatives of local interest groups.