Lovely Leith Links is YOUR park! This is the final chance for you  – and the kids, of course! – to have your say on the forthcoming upgrade of the play park on Leith Links. Please take time to consider the alternative proposed designs, and feed back your views, either in person at the local sessions next week (see poster below) or online. Click here to access the designs and to vote for your favourite
It’s not just ‘either/or’ – it may be possible to mix & match across the different designs, apparently, so get in there quick!

 It is difficult to see all the small details in the three different designs from the pictures, but  you can download them as three separate pdfs from the web site. Ideally, you could download and study the details on line and form your opinions,  and also go in to the library or community centre in person to ask questions and have a chat with the guys. Voting must be completed by 28th May.


  • David s

    Any update on this? The voting closed 5 months ago but can’t find any further information online

    • Sally Millar

      Yes – not quite public yet – but it will definitely be going ahead in 2019. The plans include the favourite elements of all the various options presented, and some extra cash has been obtained to supplement the Council funding. Watch this space for more details.

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