Off on hols, and your Postal Vote has not arrived yet? Emergency Voting facility available!

Emergency facility for postal voting

If you haven’t received your postal vote yet, it should be delivered by 29 June. Keep an eye out for your post, and then return it as soon as possible.

If you are going away on holiday shortly and won’t be at home to receive and return your postal vote, then the Council have an emergency drop-in facility where you can pick up a postal vote ballot pack from Friday 28th June, at the City Chambers.  You will need to bring along photo ID.

This facility is not a polling station – you pick up a postal vote form, complete it on the spot, in private, and then put it into the Royal Mail postbox outside the City Chambers. The City Chambers will be open from 9am-5pm today (28 June) and over the weekend (29/30 June).

This facility is only for people who will not be at home to receive their postal vote. If you will be in Edinburgh next week please wait for delivery. Only contact the council early next week if you are still without your pack.

You’ll find information on the council website