To be eligible for funding, projects need to be:

  • clearly identifiable as new or different from existing projects, and not already / previously funded (especially from public funding).
  • about people and community – bringing people together, developing new skills, brightening peoples lives and hopefully having a positive impact on health and well-being – particularly for young people (especially teens) and older people (over-65s) and/or those with disabilities.
  • realistic and manageable on a budget and in a specified time-frame.

What about if we need to buy stuff?

  • In order to carry out your project, you may need to buy things– e.g. tools, seeds / plants, paint, materials etc. and those costs will be included in your application. However just buying equipment, e.g. to supplement existing equipment, will not be accepted as a ‘project’. (Projects should be about people not about ‘things’.)
  • Things like the cost of transport, coffee and cakes etc. can be included in a project, but should not be the only aim of a project – try and add extra value by organising a bigger purpose and providing volunteers to support and lead.

Applying for a Small Grant / Larger Grant?

There are two funds (Small and Larger).

A group / organisation may only submit one project application per fund.

It is permitted for the same group or organisation to apply both to the Small and to the Larger grant fund, but only for two completely different, separate projectsNOT for the same project, or for different parts of the same project.