Who can apply?

Anyone can apply who is putting forward and offering to carry out a project that will benefit the community within the Leith Links Community Council area. (That doesn’t need to be ALL members of the whole community; it’s OK if it just benefits some groups / residents.)

Applicants could be individuals or group  that lives / works in the area, OR may be an organisation that is not physically located here, but that offers a project specifically for/with people in the Leith Links Community Council area.

It could be a partnership of two or more groups.

Check the map below – if you are within the red line, you are in the Leith Links Community Council area. Come and speak to us, if you’re not sure.



Is there an age-limit?

Anyone over 8 years old can apply, but anyone under 18 must be co-sponsored by a responsible adult, e.g. teacher, youth worker, parent/guardian, minister etc.

Applicants and sponsors need to supply proof of identity and address.

Is it only for formally ‘Constituted’ organisations?

No, applicants do not necessarily need to be a formally constituted group  -that’s what makes this small scale local project different. Having said that, especially for larger grants / projects) having a Constitution is often advisable, as it makes accounting and auditing procedures more straightforward. However, we can work with you on ways to address this.