£eith Chooses 2017/2018

Leithers choose how funds will be spent in their community

Leith Links Community Council was in 2017 awarded Scottish Government ‘Community Choices’ funding and teamed up with the three Leith Community Councils and the City of Edinburgh Council to create an innovative volunteer / council partnership, with the largest ever pot of cash for community projects in Leith (£118,000). The local community voted in 2018 for the projects that they think are of most benefit the community in Leith. Full details can be followed at www.leithchooses.net , Facebook @LeithChooses, and Twitter @LeithChooses

See a little video here of some of the applicants for funding, setting up their ‘stalls’ at the voting event on 3 March – what a a great ‘community buzz’ there was, on the day!


Project Launch/Applications Open – 22 November 2017

Applications Close – 31 January 2018

In-Person Social Voting Event – 3 March 2018

Online Voting – 3-17 March 2018

Results Announcement – 15 March 2018

Applicant Evaluation survey (online) –  23 April  -20 May 2018

General Public Evaluation survey (online) – 30 April –  20 May 2018

Face to Face Feedback Discussion evening – 15 May 2018

Private feedback discussions – May 2018

Reporting & Future Recommendations – June 2018