Seafield odours

Many residents within our area have been adversely affected by nuisance foul odours from the Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works operated by Scottish Water and Veolia Water UK.

Leith Links Community Council is acutely aware of these concerns. We are continually and actively involved in campaigning to improve matters. The Leith Links Residents Association (LLRA) also has always been particularly active in campaigning and seeking a  long term resolution to this issue, and they comment very regularly on Facebook.

Both organisations are members of the Seafield Stakeholders Group which meets regularly to discuss matters relating to the works, and the ongoing problems. Since summer 2017, we have also been in consultation with Scottish Government, who then commissioned an independent review of the whole situation. You can read here a summary of that draft report (December 2017). With LLRA, we (January 2018) submitted a Community Response to Seafield Strategic Odour Review. We will keep you posted on if / how the consultants alter their report to take account of the views of the community, as expressed in that response. Things are not looking good. So far, Scottish Water has terminated the contract of specialist scientist Professor Rob Jackson, leaving the community ‘technically blind’ and therefore at a profound disadvantage, and at the same time demonstrating that their stated wish ‘to engage positively with the local community’ is an empty one.

In the meanwhile, and always, we would encourage any residents who are adversely affected by nuisance foul odours from the works to ensure that this is reported, at the time, on each and every occasion. (If there are no complaints, there will not be efforts made to improve matters.)

Please report sewage type smells to the City of Edinburgh Council using these details:

Please report burning rubber type smells to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency:

  • 0800 80 70 60 (24 hours, 7 days)