Seafield smells | Don’t give up, please always complain

There continues to be cause for complaint by local residents due to ongoing nuisance odours from the Seafield Sewage Works.

Whilst Leith Links Residents Association and Leith Links Community Council continue to fight for a resolution it is vitally important that those affected by any nuisance odour report such instances, at the time, every time.

The more reports made the better.  Even if a neighbour or someone nearby phones & complains, you should still complain too.

Burning type smells should be reported to;

Sewage type smells should be reported to;



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  • Suzanne owens

    There is a continuous noise coming from the Seafield plant,it’s almost like a ringing in your ear,this can be heard 24 hrs a day,but mostly aware of it in the evenings and throughout the night when the roads are quiet.its driving myself and my family anyone else aware of this.

    • Sally Millar

      Hi Suzanne, We’ll pass this on to the bodies concerned, at the next Stakeholders meeting. Will get back to you. Where exactly do you live?

  • Gareth Jones

    Yes it’s a ringing noise. I followed it’s source to the gates of Seafield sewage works, where it was extremely loud. I live about 200 metres from the works,at Gumley Place, and I can hear it clearly at night.

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