Some Questions to ask Manse about their Seafield Road Plans

Are you going to tune in to the online consultation by Manse (Seafield ) LLP, 3-7pm Thursday 28th January?

You are of course entirely free to ask whatever you want, but here are some examples of the sort of questions we think are appropriate – please download and have a read to get ideas, and feel free to use or adapt any you feel hit the spot: Possible Questions for Manse28 Jan

Please note – At this stage, Manse is presenting a PAN (Pre-Application Notice) not an actual planning application. So their proposal is very broad-brush and lacking in specifics – this is standard, for a PAN. So there is not much  point in asking them very specific questions about eg. exactly how many parking spaces etc.

Apart from the fact that they won’t answer them anyway, going straight to specifics gives this PAN status it doesn’t have. We think it is better at this stage to highlight some of the strategic issues of design such as……maintaining and enhancing the quality of the Prom and beach, avoiding overshadowing, and negative spaces, safety on Seafield road, the need for co-ordination and delivery of social/green/transport and other infrastructure etc…..