Spaces for People – junk them or keep them?

City of Edinburgh Council is consulting on whether you want to keep the Spaces for People measures that were introduced during the pandemic – some or all of them – or whether you’d rather see them removed – some or all. Please fill in the consultation form as soon as possible.

The Spaces for People measure that affects our own Leith Links area is the closure of Links Gardens to motor traffic. What is your view – should it be re-opened or stay closed?

The consultation period has just been extended and the deadline is now the 5th April 2021, and we are told that the findings from the consultation will be taken to the Transport and Environment committee in June, for final decision making.

A lot of people have felt there was inadequate consultation with communities over the introduction of these measures. Well, now is your chance to say what you think! Please fill in the consultation. Do read it carefully, as some of the questions are framed in unexpected ways so you might end up ticking the opposite of what you mean….

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