Still time to respond! Is the Leith Low Traffic Neighbourhood a good plan?

The consultation on the proposed Leith Low Traffic Neighbourhood has been extended until Sunday 11th July, so there is still time for you to have your say!

This is a very radical scheme – we’re not just talking about a few bollards, but about many roads within the heart of Leith being closed off to through traffic. How will that effect you and your visitors, access to public transport, shopping, taxis, deliveries, emergency vehicles? Can you walk and cycle everywhere? Where will the displaced traffic go instead?

Details of the scheme are here:

The actual survey can be found via the ‘Give us your feedback’ tab or here:

Or email your views to

It is very important that everybody says what they think, as the plan if implemented will have a major impact on the area and all who live and work here – not just those  ‘inside’ the proposed low traffic neighbourhood, but also – perhaps even more so – people who live around the perimeter of it.

Please send in your views by 11th July.