Street Traders Licence Application – Leith Links

We have been informed this week by City of Edinburgh Council that an application has been made for a Street Traders Licence in relation to a food & drinks unit on Leith Links.

Any person can make a representation with regards to the application but they must present that to City of Edinburgh Council by 3 May 2022. Leith Links Community Council will be submitting a representation, and should you have any comments which you feel should be considered as part of that representation please let us know in the comments area below. Please avoid only writing that you support or object to the application, please tell us why you object or support etc in the comments section below.

Below is a map of the location, and the formal notice of the application being considered.

Please note that we have published all the information relating to the application that we have been provided with.


  • Linda Nicol Smith

    A decent coffee van would be welcome as long as rubbish is properly managed and the Links themselves are not damaged by table and chairs .
    Vehicles should not double park to access the van( this is already a safety issue for pedestrians trying to pass the Mike English van on the opposite side of the road when it is open.

  • Elaine Bell

    Fantastic. This facility to have a drink/food whist using Leith Links is long overdue. A beautiful park, used by hundreds of people will now be able to have a coffee/drink etc, fully support this.

  • Richard Bamford

    The whole hedgerow all the way round the Croft and the links is rat infested. It has been for years, and the rubbish left beside the park benches or on the ground are a source of food. (They also reside on wasteground eg Port of Leith Housing Assoc. vacant site on Wellington Place). Perhaps get rid of the rats first before we bring more rubbish and wasted food onto the links.

  • Rachel R

    It’d be great to have an additional amenity in the park. Availablility of snacks/drinks etc allows you to increase the time spent in the park, particularly where you’ve wee ones playing away. Similar vendor in Victoria Park is a brilliant amenity.

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