Scottish Water issue Seafield update following massive spike in odour complaints

All this week we have received a massive number of complaints of foul odour emissions in  the Leith area, believed to be from Seafield. Over 150 complaints have been recorded on our website and notified to Scottish Water, City of Edinburgh Council officers, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Veolia UK, Ben MacPhersons MSP, Roseanna Cunningham MSP and Councillors Booth, McVey & Munro for their attention & action.

A Scottish Water spokesperson has today published an update on Seafield.

Strangely, the public statement distances Seafield from the burning rubber / gas / sulphur type smell. Instead insisting that those odours are related to another (as yet unnamed) site in Leith, as confirmed by City of Edinburgh Council. However, at this stage the Community Council has not received any such confirmation of this from any body independent of Scottish Water / Veolia.

What’s even more strange is that the spokesman fails to address or even mention the foul odour of human sewage which has been sweeping across large swathes of our community.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said;

Following on from our community notification issued on Monday, we wanted to provide you with an update.Scottish Water logo

The storm tank cleaning that was scheduled for Wednesday 17th – 18th June was completed on schedule.

We are aware of a significant increase of odour complaints over the past few days, a number of which have detailed a burning rubber, sulphur and gas type smell.  As these type of odours do not necessarily correlate with the type of odour that is associated with wastewater treatment, we carried out an investigation of the whole site including the sludge processes and the surrounding area which identified a moderate to strong odour being generated at an industrial site near the docks, and is unrelated to Seafield wastewater operations.


This was confirmed by Environmental Health officials at City of Edinburgh Council and is currently being investigated by SEPA.


Looking ahead, there is some work required to the Intermediate Pumping Station. Any potential odours associated with this task have been assessed as low. This work will commence on Friday and should be completed same day. This is essential planned maintenance to limit the amount of grit that can pass through into the treatment process which can cause significant issues to site operations.

We will provide an update once this work is complete


I would be grateful if elected members and the Community Council could help and share this message on their Social Media channels.


Note: A copy of this communication will be posted on our website  –

Leith Links Community Council continues to encourage any member of our community who is negatively impacted by the release of foul odour emissions from the Seafield site to report such incidents via our website.

Our online reporting tool not only notifies Scottish Water, but simultaneously informs the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Veolia UK, Leith Links Community Council, City of Edinburgh Council (officers and Councillors Booth, Munro & McVey), the Scottish Governments Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and local MSP Ben MacPherson.

Massive spike in complaints amidst ongoing foul odour emissions from Seafield

As of lunchtime today, our Community Council has received 102 reports of foul odour emissions from Seafield this week, submitted by 92 members of our community.

We have now received 492 reports since our first one at 16:08 on 24 April 2019.

We felt it was really important to let you all know that Leith Links Community Councillor Chairman Jim Scanlon & fellow Community Councillor Eileen Simpson are following up these reports with the authorities with our usual vigour & determination.

Our community has received many apologies for the impact of foul odour emissions from Seafield. most recently on 3 June 2020. Despite, the numerous apologies over recent years foul odours have continued to negatively impact upon the quality of life for many of those in our community.

On 15 June 2020 Scottish Water put our community on notice that there could be an increase in foul odour emissions starting from 17 June 2020 (we blogged about it here) but actually, foul odours have massively increased since 15 June 2020.

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Help City of Edinburgh Council decide which streets need adapted as part of its Covid-19 response

The City of Edinburgh Council, with support from Sustrans Scotland, is introducing temporary measures to protect public health and support physical distancing. These measures will make it easier and safer for people to get around our streets for essential journeys and exercise.

Using their online tool citizens can submit suggestions on their interactive map, and others can show their support for any suggestions. Of course, additional feedback can still be submitted to your local Councillors – Booth, McVey & Munro or by emailing Council officers at

There are a number of suggestions & feedback relating to the Leith Links Community Council area on the Councils website, an example of three such streets are;

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Trams to Newhaven: Main construction works start from Monday 15 June 2020

The City of Edinburgh Councils Trams to Newhaven team has sent an email update to our Community Council regarding upcoming works.

We have copied the email below;

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Community Councils Together on Trams: Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 30 April 2020

Leith Links Community Council is a member of ‘Community Councils Together on Trams’ alongside Leith Central Community CouncilLeith Harbour & Newhaven Community Council and New Town & Broughton Community Council. CCTT is the coalition of Community Councils who meet regularly to discuss, scrutinise and influence the intended continuation of the Edinburgh Tram system to Newhaven.

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 30 April 2020 are copied below for our communities information.

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Places for Everyone shared off-road network/paths campaign in Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh Council have made Leith Links Community Council aware of its new Places for Everyone campaign.

We have become aware of a few concerns raised by our community about difficulties being encouraged through inconsiderate use of shared spaces such as Leith Links and the Restalrig Railway Path hopefully, this new guidance will support our community to use shared spaces in a way which avoids conflict.

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City of Edinburgh Council review of the 2019 Edinburgh Community Councils elections

City of Edinburgh Council have shared with us a briefing note on their review of the Edinburgh Community Councils elections held in Autumn 2019.

Leith Links Community Council will discuss the briefing note at its next meeting on Monday 25 May 2010, from 18:30, on Zoom.




Housing Rights in Practice: Lessons learned from Leith

In 2015 the Scottish Human Rights Commission began working with a group of people who were living in poor housing conditions in Citadel Court, Persevere Court & West Cromwell Street. People were experiencing problems with damp, mould, ineffective or broken heating, pigeon, rodent and insect infestations, and maintenance issues.

Following on from this work the Commission has produced a report which it is now sharing with our community.

To download a copy of the report click here.






Great Junction Street, Easter Road and Shore being considered as locations for temporary pavement widening by City of Edinburgh Council due to Covid-19

The City of Edinburgh Council has published papers making known it is considering adapting Great Junction Street, Easter Road & Shore as part of its response to Covid-19.  The plans being considered would see a widening of pavements to allow more space for pedestrians to observe social distancing measures. The adaptations being considered follow on from the recent closure of Links Gardens.

Click here to view the thirty three page report.The information relating to Leith is on page 10.

The report will be considered by Councillors at the Councils Policy and Sustainability Committee on Thursday 14 May 2020 at 10am. Members of our community can watch the meeting live on the Council website, click here to view the broadcast on the day.

If any members of our community have views on the plans under consideration there is still time to let your local City of Edinburgh Councillors know.

You can make your opinion know by commenting on this post, we’ll let local Councillors know where to look to see your comments. Or, you can email any of the Councillors using their email addresses as listed here;

Leith Councillors (Great Junction Street, Shore & part of Easter Road):

Leith Walk Councillors (part of Easter Road)

Update 14/5/20: Please note that commenting on this post closed at 18:00 on 14/5/20 as the relevant City of Edinburgh Council meeting had concluded.

Trams to Newhaven newsletter | 7 May 2020

Click on the image to view the newsletter

City of Edinburgh Councils Trams to Newhaven team have published their latest community newsletter which provides a community update on the status of the Trams to Newhaven project in relation to the current Covid-19 national health emergency.

Interestingly, the Trams to Newhaven team are still advising the community that the project is ‘scheduled to be completed and carrying passengers by Spring 2023’ as of 7/5/20, despite the works shutdown.







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