Update – bus changes around Leith Links

Leith Links Community Council (supported by all of our local Councillors) is vigorously contesting the loss of bus services to the north side of Leith Links since we heard that the 12 is to be stopped and only partially replaced by the No 1.

So far, at our request, the Convener of the Transport Committee set up a meeting between City of Edinburgh Council Transport officials and Lothian Buses – at which Councillor Adam McVey was present, also someone from MSP Ben MacPherson’s office – to ‘go through the issues’. Currently Lothian Buses have been asked to find a solution and Council officials have been ‘tasked with helping to facilitate any changes necessary to help enable a change’.

We are hoping to hear soon about another meeting with news about possible solutions. We will keep you posted!

The current situation is that, as of 29th March, the 12 will not run beyond George Street. To partially replace the 12,  the No 1 will come down Easter Road as before and then continue along the Links and on to Seafield (old Eastern General site). But it will go from the foot of Easter Road along Vanburgh Place, Hermitage Park and Claremont Park, in other words along the south side of the Links. There will be no bus serving people who live on the North side of the Links, e.g Links Gardens, Links Place, Salamander Place/Street, Elbe Street, Mitchell Street, Queen Charlotte St. etc. and Constitution St (who have already lost the No. 16 bus).This means quite a long walk across the Links for many people, which may be a problem for anybody older  / with mobility impairments  / pushing a wheelchair or buggy / carrying heavy shopping etc. There could be safety issues, at night time.

However people beyond the lights at Restalrig Road (Claremont Park, Pirniefelds, Seafield) will be served by the No 1.

Going into town,there will be no access to Leith Walk or York Place, as the 1 goes to Princes Street via Easter Road and Leith Street. So some people may need to take 2 buses, which has financial implications as well as time/effort costs.

The 25 and the 21 will continue, so if you can access Restalrig Road, that might be a better route for you than the 1. The 21 route is unchanged apart from bus stop closure on Duke Street. The 25 is unchanged going into town (apart from some bus stop closures on Duke Street and Leith Walk). Coming down from town, the 25 will be rerouted down Easter Road instead of Leith Walk.

Please read the details on the Lothian Buses web site, for more details about proposed changes, routes, timetables etc.

Please continue to use the comments facility, below, to add your voice and tell us how you will be affected by changes to the bus services around our area. We will use your comments to continue to press the case for an acceptable solution.

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  • catherine mcculloch

    If this goes ahead there will be no bus from the Seafield area across town.. This is a neglected part of town already. No buses east to Portobello and beyond. The 12 is a very well used service. This would impact negatively on this community.

  • James

    Thanks for pushing on this. I live on Salamander Court and in addition to the above the work on Constitution Street has meant that accessing the 16 bus had become more difficult and a longer walk too – as far as the Custom House. This creates the same access problems as above for those with mobility challenges. So a service that gives access to the North side of Leith Links is important.

  • Elaine Bell

    The 12 is a massive loss to those of us living at Seafield. Do Hillcrest and Beild get involved in this in any way. They have built hundreds of homes here so surely need to think about what transport is offered to residents. My circumstances mean I cannot walk across the links to get a bus, neither would I want to at night. How do I get to Leith Walk or Great Junction Street for example, the No.1 doesn’t go there. In addition to this loss of service I would like to see an option to get from Seafield to Portobello as right now there is none. The No.12 must be reinstated.

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