About us

Who we are

We are the only Community Council in the City of Edinburgh who held an election during the city wide elections of November 2016.  All our elected representatives were elected for a three year period.

Ten of our members (Elected Representatives) were elected by the community to serve on the Community Council. The most recent elections took place in October 2016.

One of our members (Nominated Representative) is appointed by a local interest group. We have five more vacant seats for such members.

Twenty four of our members sit on our body by virtue of being an elected representative for all or part of our area. (ex-officio members)

Our elected Community Councillors:


Co-opted Community Councillors:


Nominated representative:


Members by virtue of their office (that is, elected City of Edinburgh Councillors)





What we do

The general purpose of Community Councils is to act as a voice for our local area. We do that by raising matters of concern with our elected representatives or directly to public bodies. We also work to improve our local community by taking part in partnership work and by undertaking our own projects.


Our area

Our area is defined by the red line in the map below. However, our work is not confined to this area.  There are often issues which arise elsewhere in the City or Country which will have an impact upon our community.


How we are governed

Community Councils were first established in Scotland by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.

The City of Edinburgh Council produces a Scheme of Administration for Community Councils which lays down local provision & rules for Community Councils in the City.

Our Community Council also adheres to its own Constitution and Standing Orders.