Massive spike in complaints amidst ongoing foul odour emissions from Seafield

As of lunchtime today, our Community Council has received 102 reports of foul odour emissions from Seafield this week, submitted by 92 members of our community.

We have now received 492 reports since our first one at 16:08 on 24 April 2019.

We felt it was really important to let you all know that Leith Links Community Councillor Chairman Jim Scanlon & fellow Community Councillor Eileen Simpson are following up these reports with the authorities with our usual vigour & determination.

Our community has received many apologies for the impact of foul odour emissions from Seafield. most recently on 3 June 2020. Despite, the numerous apologies over recent years foul odours have continued to negatively impact upon the quality of life for many of those in our community.

On 15 June 2020 Scottish Water put our community on notice that there could be an increase in foul odour emissions starting from 17 June 2020 (we blogged about it here) but actually, foul odours have massively increased since 15 June 2020.

Again, we can see the serious impact that the Seafield stench is having on people;

Made us feel nauseous and not want our windows open or to go outside despite warm morning/day

It makes me feel sick, the temperature is warm so having to close all of the windows is not ideal.

We felt sick and struggled to breathe normally. It was not a pleasant smell and had to return home and close all windows.

Coughing and having to leave leith links

Community Councillor Michael Traill, Engagement Officer for Leith Links Community Council said today;


Community Councillor Michael Traill – Leith Links Community Council

Community Councillor Michael Traill

Once again the Seafield stench is having a detrimental impact upon our community.  I have serious concerns about peoples well being and I hope that the site operator and other state bodies will take all necessary steps to abate the foul odour emissions both in the short term, but also in the long term.

We receive apologies, but the issue persists.  We are told about long term investment plans – but these plans need put into action.

I am really pleased that so many of our community are using our web form to report occurrences, this helps us to evidence the issue and demonstrate its impact.

Our simple web form not only alerts us to an issue but also those in power who are able to influence decision making, regulation & enforcement & investment. All through one simple web form.

And we know people are reading the forms.  When I submitted a form yesterday, I got an email back from Scottish Waters PFI Manager within fifteen minutes.

Please do keep submitting reports.

While also campaigning for long term solutions, it is vitally important that we keep reporting odour nuisance whenever it occurs, to demonstrate the scale of the problem and the impact on the local community.

Leith Links Community Council continues to encourage any member of our community who is negatively impacted by the release of foul odour emissions from the Seafield site to report such incidents via our website.

Our online reporting tool not only notifies Scottish Water, but simultaneously informs the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Veolia UK, Leith Links Community Council, City of Edinburgh Council (officers and Councillors Booth, Munro & McVey), the Scottish Governments Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and local MSP Ben MacPherson.