Discussion of Controlled Parking Zone in ‘West Leith’, 8th March 6:30pm

There will be an ‘extra’ meeting of Leith Links Community Council next Monday, 8th March, at 6:30pm to help local residents access information about the proposed controlled parking zone (CPZ) in the area between Lochend Road and Restalrig Road, colonies etc. and to allow for a question and answer session with a speaker from the Council.

To register to attend this meeting, please click here. (link now disabled)

If you would like to submit a question to be asked on the evening please click here. (link now disabled)

See the plans and comment here: https://consultprojectcentre.co.uk/ph2westleith
(consultation runs until 14th March).

What about people who are not online?

Older, mobility impaired and vulnerable people may be particularly affected by changes in parking. But there was no phone number or postal address given on the consultation, to allow local residents who do not have access to the internet to comment. So the Community Council is offering to collect and pass on such comments. Please tell any neighbours in this position to send their written comments to LLCC, C/o 22 Claremont Road, EH6 7NE (or send their telephone number if they want to give their comments orally).

What’s going on?

There won’t be time to discuss ‘everything’ at the meeting on 8th March so we are sticking to parking plans.

But the wider context is – Edinburgh City Council is proposing multiple new traffic schemes for our area as if they were completely separate events. But if you put together all the various effects of each scheme, it adds up to a major impact on local residents. Tramworks, road works, road closures, diversions, new traffic junction, planned new cycle route, low traffic neighbourhood, making Spaces for People permanent, controlled parking zones, revised public space management plans…..

Is the community getting enough chance to access and share information, and to air its views? 

Have the plans been thought through well enough, and, crucially, in relation to each other, by people who really know the area?

Has there been adequate and appropriate (i.e. good quality) engagement with the local community?