Community Council elections 2019 – Local interest groups

Later this year Leith Links Community Council will begin its latest election period but did you know there are six spaces on our Community Council which are reserved for local interest groups? Currently, only Leith Links Residents Association are represented.

Nominated representatives are appointed to represent the interests of their group on the Community Council and to reflect the views of the community through the Community


From the City of Edinburgh Council website:

Registration forms for local interest groups should be returned to the Council’s Elections Team who will ensure that qualifying organisations are appropriately registered by the close of nominations (30 September 2019).  The Elections Team will inform the Returning Officer of the number of valid application forms received. Where the number of nominations does not exceed the maximum number of nominated members those nominees will be declared duly elected.

Should the number of nominees registered exceed the maximum number of nominated members, the Returning Officer will convene a meeting of representatives from all registered local interest groups and the elected members of the community council. Participants at this meeting will vote by ballot to determine which local interest groups will become members.

It is also worth noting that neighbouring Community Councils also have spaces reserved for local interest groups;

For further information email City of Edinburgh Council –