Leith Links Community Council is concerned with many aspects of community life, including maintaining an interest & involvement in licensing matters.

Leith Links Community Council has a Licensing Secretary who will lead on & co-ordinate our interest in local licensing matters.

Our current Licensing Secretary is Michael Traill who will draw upon the support of other Community Councillors as & when needed.

The work of the Licensing Secretary is broadly split into four areas;

  • Reviewing, and where required responding to, licensing applications
  • Sharing licensing application information with our community
  • Receiving & considering concerns raised, and where required responding to, for example in relation to licensed premises, licensed persons or licensed activities
  • Keep appraised of current & proposed licensing processes, concerns around such processes and where appropriate working towards achieving improvements in these areas

A report is provided by the Licensing Secretary to every meeting of the Community Council, the information contained within can be found in our minutes, which are filed in our library section of this website.

All licensing applications we become aware of are considered by the Licensing Secretary however, we may not make representation on every application. Where we do make representation it shall be posted on this website.

Our community is of course encouraged to make their own representations on any licensing application in which they have an interest, and they are welcome to share their representation with the Licensing Secretary.

To contact our Licensing Secretary please email:


Licensing applications

To view information relating to licensing applications we have been made aware of and / or have been involved in, please use the below links;

To view all licensing related posts made on this website please click here.

Licensing library

This is where we will store documents, or the links to documents relevant to licensing matters (there are currently none).

Licensing information

We have collated some commonly asked questions around licensing which can be accessed using the links below;