Saturday afternoon at Ocean Terminal gave local community groups in the Leith time to explain to the local population why they needed their support. There was £17660 available to be shared between a possible 22 groups and local Leithers turned out to vote. When ballot papers were counted there were 702 valid returns. If you want to find out who received funding go to http://www.edinburghnp.org.uk/neighbourhood-partnerships/leith/about/%C2%A3eith-decides/


The hard work of campaigners to reopen Leith Waterworld as a community run pool was recognised at the City Chambers on Thursday, 2nd February when elected councillors agreed to delay the sale of the site by 6 months. Members of Splashback now have more time to put together a business case and seek alternative funding to run the pool as a community asset. For more information on their plans visit the website http://www.splashbackedinburgh.blogspot.com/

MELA 2012

The Mela returns to Leith Links from Friday, 31st August to Sunday, 2nd September and promises to build on the last two successful events. The new director, Chris Purnell will hopefully attend the April meeting of the community council when more details of the programme of multicutural events will be known.


The fight continues to prevent Forth Energy’s plan for a large scale biomass plant in Leith Docks. Forth Energy asked for a further delay for details going before City Planners until June 2012. In May the Edinburgh public go to the polls to vote in or out our current City Administration and if like me you are against the power plant take every opportunity to ask candidates what their stance is. Encourage your friends who live in other wards in Edinburgh to do the same because the elected politicians who will sit on the planning committee in June will come from across the City not just Leith. For further information on what’s going on behind the scene visit the NoLeithBiomass site


Although Waterworld closed earlier this month the campaign by Splashback to open the pool again is still alive. Splashback would like to investigate the possibility of a community buy out. The current closing date for the sale of the site is 8th February but activists would like this delayed by 6 months so they can build a business case and try to attract alternative funding. Members of the group attended the community council meeting asking for support to a motion being put to a full CityCouncil meeting on 2nd February. Leith Links Community Council agreed to offer our support to the proposal and also asked that the figures for running costs be made available to Splashback for their alternative business plan.

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