Leithers in despair as Seafield stench continues

As of 7pm this evening Leith Links Community Council has received eleven reports of foul odours from Seafield. Today is the fourth day in a row that we have received odour complaints, with 29 being submitted to us since Wednesday. Complaints have been submited by residents from the Leith Links area extending as far as Easter Road stadium & Pilrig.

Leith Links Community Council established its online reporting tool due to frustrations felt within our community around existing reporting mechanisms. The online reporting tool allows members of our community to fill in one web form which is automatically submitted to Leith Links Community Council and a number interested parties & organisations;

Community Councillor Eileen Simpson, who leads on Seafield related matters alongside Community Councillor Jim Scanlon, continues to press the authorities for action to reduce foul odour emissions. She said today;

This spring, as every year, Seafield Sewage Treatment Works have exposed local Leithers to a series of appalling odour leaks.

Community Councillor Eileen Simpson


But this year it feels much worse, because our time out in the open air is so precious. And as we venture out for our walk, jog or cycle, our lungs are regularly assaulted by the appalling sewage stench we’ve come to know only too well.


The stench from Seafield has been sickening over the last few days. Lockdown is depressing for all, and our daily time in the fresh air is precious, especially in such beautiful weather. It’s dreadful that we are forced inside by this sickening smell. It damages our physical and mental health. Veolia don’t seem to care.

Comments from residents reporting odour issues have really highlighted how the ongoing odour issues are impacting upon their quality of life, their comments include;

‘Obviously in lockdown we can’t go further afield to escape this scourge’.
‘It is particularly galling at this time of lockdown when we need to walk in the fresh air for our physical and mental health’
‘I had to rush home and close all my windows, despite the lovely weather. It’s so depressing’.
‘Upset and difficult to keep the newborn baby asleep without being able to open the window . Just fix it.’
‘Strong enough to think our cat had defecated in the room we were in.’
‘It is extremely unpleasant. It’s a warm day today, and shutting the windows is not an option, so we are having to eat dinner sitting in the smell of sewage.’
Members of our community are assured that Community Councillors Jim Scanlon & Eilieen Simpson continue to challenge authorities on the ongoing odour issues and encourage people to continue reporting any odour occurrences via the Leith Links Community Council website.

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