Street Traders Licence Application: Leith Links Police Box

We have been informed this week by City of Edinburgh Council that an application has been made for a Street Traders Licence at the Leith Links Police Box.

We understand the applicant intends to use the Police Box as a ‘coffee shop’ type business selling hot & cold drinks, and snacks. Potentially with some outdoor seating. The applicants business can be viewed online by clicking here.

Any person can make a representation with regards to the application but they must present that to City of Edinburgh Council by 4 January 2022. Leith Links Community Council will be submitting a representation, and should you have any comments which you feel should be considered as part of that representation please let us know in the comments are below. Please avoid only writing that you support or object to the application, please tell us why you object or support etc.

Below is a map of the location, and the formal notice of the application being considered;





  • Don Crichton

    I see that a Facebook account is required to view the applicant’s business on the provided link . As I have no intention, under any circumstances, to create a Facebook account just to view this content, I have found the following links for other non-Facebook users. and

    I’m concerned as to exactly where any potential seating would be located and there are no Public Conveniences in the immediate area.

    Leith Links is Common Good Land and should not be used for the benefit of commercial enterprise, the surrounding pavements are not suitable for this purpose and traffic levels on the surrounding streets are often high.

    I have no real objections to the Police Box being used solely for the proposed purpose, but the inclusion of outdoor seating in the proposal is concerning.

  • Jai

    How many days a week 8am till 9.30pm? Doesnt sound practical in winter? Outside seating so close to the traffic lights and major road junction seems dangerous and undesirable? Effect on other businesses close by? Eg Bijou and Mike English van? More information needed and look forward to comments from others!

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