Survey ends soon…last chance to add your views!

Please will you take a few minutes to fill in this wee survey, about possible futures for the bowling green area on the Links? The survey will close on Friday 10th September.

At the Community Picnic in July, we asked people to put coloured stickers on a board to indicate their views and preferences. Now we need to ask the same questions of the wider community, to try to get the largest and most representative number of responses, which we will feed back to the council.

Please fill in this wee survey – it’s really not long or difficult.

(Unfortunately, we obviously can’t guarantee that you will actually get what you tick, in the end – it’s not a ‘vote’ as such. All the Community Council can do is to consult people for views, and share ideas and information. But we do think the Council is at least listening to what the people of Leith Links have to say about this neglected area, and about the park in general. We have heard there may be a Master Plan for the whole of the Links, coming up.)