Grit your teeth Leith Links-ers! It’s ALL happening…

What’s happening NOW? LOTS!

Parking (lack of/chaos) There will be widespread parking restrictions all around our area over the next 2 weeks – yes, above and beyond those caused by the CPZ! This is because of the Leith Festival Gala Day on Saturday 10th June (fairly minimal disruption) and because of the Proclaimers Concerts to be held on Saturday and Sunday 17 & 18 June (fairly massive disruption). Crews will start building the enclosure and marquee site for the Proclaimers as of 9th June, and there may be heavy vehicles coming and going. All parking is suspended on Links Gardens (see the yellow notices attached to lamposts) and some other places.

Local residents all around will face displaced parking overflowing from Links facing streets.

On the concert days themselves, we can be pretty sure people will still try to drive            here (in spite of the tram and bus services), so it could be like two major Hibs                  matches in a row (lasting over 6 hours each)…

The official information release says:

“Excitement is building around Leith Links as over the weekend of 17th and 18th June part of Leith Links will see crowds of 6,000 people each night attending sold-out Proclaimers Concerts. In the build up to the concerts and over that weekend more ‘excitement’ will likely be generated by suspension of parking in Links Gardens and surrounding streets.   Initially from 8am on 9 June parking will be suspended in Links Gardens and part of East Hermitage Place until 6pm on 23 June. This is to facilitate building and removal of the event site. And from 2pm on 17 June until 11pm on 18 June parking will additionally be suspended all along East Hermitage Place, Hermitage Place, Vanburgh Place, parts of Somerset, Fingzies and Parkvale place, Gladstone Place, Summerfield Gardens and Claremont Road. So it’s going to be very difficult for local residents to park near their properties over the weekend of 17/18 June and there will likely be some displacement parking from 9 June.

For further details see temp-23-132-ending-on-23-june-2023 (


Low Traffic Neighbourhood

There is a new traffic island currently in construction on Links Place (near Links Gardens & junction with Salamander Place), aimed to make crossing easier and safer for pedestrians, as part of the Leith Connections scheme. (Note – this is NOT a zebra crossing as the Living Rent group claim.) Road markings are confusing right now but full signage will be going up very shortly. This will be a bus / taxi gate, and it will go live in a couple of weeks (delayed from original go live date of 12th June). So you can still drive through there for the moment.
Once live, no cars will be allowed to go through from Links Gardens west towards Queen Charlotte Street – only buses (there aren’t any), taxis (but not private hire cars), and cyclists. Vehicles heading west will have to go down Salamander Place and left along Baltic Street. As far as we know, vehicles WILL be able come through travelling from west to east.

Good luck folks!