Controlled Parking& Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Leith Links

Parking Info

We were grateful to Gavin Brown and Gavin Graham of City of Edinburgh Council for coming along to the March ’23 Leith Links Community Council Meeting to talk about the forthcoming CPZ in our area, which is now scheduled to go fully live on 26th June.

The meeting was attended by a large number of local residents They answered our many questions very fully, and a transcript of those Q &As is available here.

They stressed that if anybody has questions about anything to do with parking controls in their street or area, expecially if urgent, they should in the first instance contact:

as that email is constantly monitored and will achieve a quick reply, whereas emails to the personally may take longer to go through.

See also our earlier post witrh details about permits, at:…eith-north-leith/


LTN Info

We were grateful to Councillor Scott Arthur and Miles Wilkinson of City of Edinburgh Council for coming to our April ’23 LLCC meeting and sharing information about the Low Traffic Neighbourhood, which has been being rolled out in stages throughout April and May (and June, to come). Again, that meeting was attended by many local residents, and many questions were asked and answered. The presentation that Miles gave that evening is too large a file to be handled easily here, but you can read the latest edition of the LTN Newsletter here.  (N.B for 35 read 34 bus).

Any queries about the LTN should be directed in the first instance to: