Foul odours from Seafield having an impact on community wellbeing as Scottish Water issue yet another apology

This week we have received eighty reports of foul odour emissions from Seafield in yet another spike in complaints.

Despite a previous stream of apology’s from Scottish Water staff, local residents are regularly affected by foul odour emissions from the site drifting amongst local homes.

Local residents have been telling us about the impact the foul odour emissions has been having on them & how they have been made to feel;

It affects everything. You do not want to leave your house because it is that revolting. This will impact everyone’s mental health in this weather and unable to go outside with lock down.


Felt sick. Kids commented on how bad it was.


I’m currently shielding due to severe asthma and can’t go out to exercise as I can’t wear a face mask.  So my garden is the only place I can sit. This was the hottest day of the year so far. I wanted to sit out in the evening and eat my dinner.  I couldn’t sit outside, never mind eat.  I had to close windows etc due to this disgusting stench.  I tried to eat my salad inside the house but was so nauseated I couldn’t eat.  This smell was still there the next morning.  It was so warm I had to open my bedroom windows and the odour was still strong.  I have lived in Leith for years and experienced this noctious smell many times but this episode really upset me. having to stay indoors and being unable to eat my evening meal.


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Local MSP responds to latest 188 complaints of foul odour emissions

Earlier this week we responded to the massive number of foul odour emissions complaints we were receiving, as of 7pm this evening we have received 188 such complaints.

On the 18th June Scottish Water responded by attributing odour complaints to another nearby site, and not making any mention of odours associated with Seafield.

Earlier today the office of Ben MacPherson MSP offered comment on this weeks severe foul odour issue.  A spokesman said;

Thank you for reporting odour in the community using the Leith Links Community Council (LCCC) reporting form. Your complaint is copied to Ben Macpherson MSP as part of that process. Ben wanted me to respond to you on his behalf to outline the action that his office takes when there are reports of odour from Seafield.Ben Macpherson MSP

This week there has been a very high number of complaints seen by Ben’s office and we have been in contact daily with Scottish Water, regularly with City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) as the primary regulator and we have also been in touch with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). I understand that CEC will respond to the recent complaints once

As the local constituency MSP Ben chairs the Seafield Stakeholders Group which brings together Scottish Water, the plant’s operators Veolia, CEC, SEPA, community representatives from the LCCC and the Leith Links Residents Association (LLRC) along with local councillors and representatives from the offices of Deidre Brock MP, Tommy Sheppard MP and Ash Denham MSP. This group allows a forum for discussion about the operation of the plant, odour incidences, improvements in and future investment in the plant. Information on the Stakeholders Group and the Strategic Review is available here.

As local MSP and chair of the Stakeholder Group Ben has raised the issues of ongoing odour complaints and future investment in the plant with the Cabinet Secretary for Environment  Roseanna Cunningham MSP and as a result of his intervention a Strategic Review was carried out into the plant and the wider network to establish steps that can be taken operationally and through future investment to improve the performance of the works and in particular the odour impact on the local community.

Ben shares your concerns over the recent odour incidences and had written to the Cabinet Secretary following odour complaints in April – her response is attached to this email. Ben’s office will continue to engage with Scottish Water, the Council, SEPA and the community representatives over this issue to seek answers and solutions. There is investment coming which should improve matters and reduce odour problems but until then Ben will push for operational improvements to mitigate odour.

In closing Ben takes the issue of odour from the Seafield WWTW very seriously and will continue to make a strong case on behalf of his constituents when issues arise and also to ensure that the plant gets the investment it needs for the future and to minimise odour issues.

Thank you again for reporting this odour occurrence.

Leith Links Community Council continues to encourage any member of our community who is negatively impacted by the release of foul odour emissions from the Seafield site to report such incidents via our website.

Our online reporting tool not only notifies Scottish Water, but simultaneously informs the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Veolia UK, Leith Links Community Council, City of Edinburgh Council (officers and Councillors Booth, Munro & McVey), the Scottish Governments Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and local MSP Ben MacPherson.

Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary responds to foul odour emission complaints

Due to ongoing foul odour emissions from Seafield our local MSP Ben MacPherson wrote to the Scottish Governments Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform.

The Scottish Governments response has now been shared with Leith Links Community Council and we are sharing it here so that our community to read the Cabinet Secretarys views regarding the ongoing foul odour emissions.

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Scottish Water announces major improvement works at Seafield

Scottish Water have today announced  a multi million pound improvement programme at Seafield. Scottish Water logo

Leith Links Community Council for a number of years has been working hard to represent the views & concerns of our local community as a solution was sought to ongoing odour nuisance from the site.

The press release from Scottish Water is copied below:

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