Keep or throw out the Spaces for People measures? Don’t forget to have your say!’

You still have 9 days to make your views known! Deadline is 5th April 2021.

Do you think that Edinburgh should keep the Spaces for People introduced over the past year as ‘temporary measures’  – or should they be removed?

Please fill in the consultation form as soon as possible. The consultation allows you to support or reject ALL of the measures, or to comment on some particular roads.

The Spaces for People measure that affects our own Leith Links area is the closure of Links Gardens to motor traffic. What is your view – should it be re-opened or stay closed?

Another proposed scheme that has had very little publicity is the intention to make a wider pavement and uphill cycle path on the Smokey Brae – which would then become one-way only (down) for motor vehicles. (This is not in the Leith Links area but it’s a route that many of us use, especially while Leith Walk is out of commission.)

Many people have felt that the voice of local communities has not been listened to, over the introduction of these measures. Well, now is your chance to say what you think! Please fill in the consultation. Do read it very carefully, as some of the questions are framed in unexpected ways so you might end up ticking the opposite of what you mean…. (the fact that the consultation is actually called ‘retaining spaces for people’ is a bit of a giveaway as to how the survey may be ‘leading’ you…)

Next Meeting of Leith Links Community Council, Monday 29th March 6:30pm

The next meeting of the Leith Links Community Council will be held on Monday 29th March 2021 at 6:30pm, online via Zoom.

  1. Agenda for the meeting.
  2. LLCC MINUTES February 2021 (draft until adopted at next week’s meeting). 
  3. Minutes of Extraordinary meeting on 8 March 2021 (draft until adopted).

(These are also stored for access at any time in our online Library.)

The meeting is open to interested members of the public. If you wish to attend, please email and you will be sent an invitation / link for the meeting.


Planning Application for 57 Constitution Street

Cameron Guest House Group is seeking permission to extend its GPO hotel & cafe operation at 57 Constitution Street.

The planning application they have lodged is for the creation of 12 new bedrooms at the rear of the GPO (‘cafe with rooms’), with a new three-storey building facing onto Mitchell St.

The group and its associate companies already have very extensive property holdings and B&B establishments in the area around Leith Links, and concerns have been voiced that this proposed increase in the group’s temporary accommodation estate could have a significant impact on the local community and conservation area.

The application’s reference number is 21/00880/FUL and details can be viewed on the city council’s planning portal, at

Comments can also be made via this link, and we urge local residents to make their views known on this application; these have to be linked to planning matters like scale and density, and neighbourhood amenity (rather than who owns it or who lives there).

The deadline for comments is Friday 2 April 2021

Leith Links Community Council would be very grateful to hear your views, which we would be happy to treat in confidence if requested, so that we can try to represent community opinion to City of Edinburgh Council.

So as well as posting your comments on the council portal, do please let us know what you think by emailing us at 





Controlled Parking Zones Phase 2 Consultation Leith








The City of Edinburgh Council launched Phase 2 of its consultation yesterday on proposals for Controlled Parking Zones in the Leith area including Bonnington, Easter Road and what is described as ‘West Leith’ but is actually the area between  Lochend Road and Restalrig Road, East Hermitage Place and the colonies.

If you live in these areas please take time to look at the plans for the introduction of permit holder parking, pay and display and other measures. Then make your comments known via the online survey.

You can see the plans here.

The consultation company have also organised two virtual drop in sessions on

Wednesday, 24th February between 6-8pm

Tuesday, 2nd March between 1-3pm

You can sign up to attend these meetings through the link below

Phase 1 of the consultation on parking took place in late 2019 for other areas of Leith.

This consultation is separate from the other consultation currently running on Leith Connections / Leith Low Traffic Neighbourhood.






Is this the right way to develop along Seafield Road?

There is an online public consultation event on Thursday 28th January, by  Manse (Seafield) LLP, between 3pm and 7pm. You can attend and give your views.

Manse are proposing to submit a planning application for the Peter Vardy Vauxhall site, at 22-25 Seafield Road, where they want to build 2 very large blocks of flats. This is not strictly speaking in the Leith Links area, but it borders on it. Any new development along there will undoubtedly impact upon the Leith Links area. We would urge you to look not only at the plans Manse bring forward, but to think about them in the wider context of what the whole Seafield Road area could become.

Is developing individual segments like this the right way to go? Or could this proposal be be seen as leading to uncoordinated piecemeal development?

Overall, Seafield is a huge site stretching from the Sewage works right along to the erstwhile bus garage at the Portobello end. We all want to see new homes built, but do we want just any old blocks of flats, or could we aspire to more, for this unique seaside site?

» Read more

Lockdown again – useful links – Coronavirus information

Well, here we are, locked down again…  These are difficult times for us all, and we wish good luck to you all. Please do everything you can to stay safe and to keep others safe. Please ask for help if you need it.

Our website does not attempt to provide rolling updates on the current Coronavirus situation, as information can change very rapidly, and we do not wish to circulate information that may be incomplete or no longer applicable.

However we can direct you to the following sources of information, which are updated regularly;

Local Situation

Local sources of support

National Scottish and UK situation 

Worried about Brexit?

Information on changes and new rules

Merith House Hotel to become HMO?

A planning application has been lodged by the Merith House Hotel at 2-3 Hermitage Place for a “change of use from hotel to mixed use of hotel and HMO [house in multiple occupation] and erection of a new 2 storey building on land to the rear of the hotel”.

The land for the new building sits at the junction of Somerset Place and Burns Street, EH6 8AF

The application – case number 20/03011/FUL – can be viewed on the city council’s planning portal:

The plans show that the 2 storey building at the rear of the hotel (which already has planning permission but is not built yet) would be altered internally to contain more bedrooms than originally planned  (when it was to be an ‘annexe’ to the hotel). It is now proposed to contain 11 bedrooms intended to be occupied by residents on a long term / permanent basis. Most rooms will be 10.2 square metres in total (including the ensuite bathroom).


There would not be any communal space or cooking facilities but the hotel kitchen in the main building would be available to them for cooking, it seems.

It is not clear yet – we are checking this out currently – whether the hotel in the main building is also intended to be changed from a hotel to an HMO, or whether a ‘mixed’ hotel and HMO facility is proposed. We will update with this information asap.

The last date for comments on this application is Friday, 18 December.

Members of the community can submit their responses directly onto the planning portal, as above, and / or you could make your views on this known via the form below. (and we will forward it along with the Community Council’s own response).

If you wish to contact the Community Council on this matter with a fuller response, please email


Planning: Merith House Hotel

Planning: Merith House Hotel

Do you support the proposed change of use from hotel rooms to house in multiple occupation (11 residents in new building at the rear)? *


Next meeting (AGM) of Leith Links Community Council; Monday 26th October, at 6:30pm, via Microsoft Teams.

The next meeting of the Leith Links Community Council will take place on Monday 26th October, at 6:30pm, online, via Microsoft Teams.

There will be the AGM first, chaired by Councillor Gordon Munro, followed by a short ‘ordinary’ meeting chaired by Jim Scanlon.

The link for the meeting will be sent out by email.

Here are

(1) the Minutes of the 2019 AGM

(2) the Minutes of the September 2020 ‘ordinary’ meeting. Both are draft until adopted at next week’s meeting.

(3) the Annual Report (incorporating Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Engagement Officer Reports) (also draft until adopted at next week’s meeting).

(4) the Agenda for the AGM

(5) the Agenda for the ordinary meeting.

(6) the end of year accounts for LLCC Project a/c (£eith Chooses) which is not included in the Annual Report

These will also be stored for access at any time in our online Library.

The meeting is open to members of the public who are resident, or have close links to our local area. If you wish to attend, please email and ask to be sent an invitation /link for the meeting.

Big new building plans for Salamander Street – public consultation now open!

Today, 8th October, you can talk (online) to the developers of this new proposed development between 3 pm and 8 pm. After today, until the 29th October, you can view their exhibition online and post comments. The plans can be seen here.  PLEASE click over, have a look and say what you think.

A large site has been earmarked for development stretching from Bath Street along the north side of Salamander Street. The tenement block where the Pond pub is/was) will remain but the rest of the site will be cleared along almost half the length of Salamander Street back towards Seafield.

The proposed redevelopment is for a “residential-led, mixed-use development” which would offer approximately 300 new residential apartments of which 25% will be affordable homes in line with council planning policy.

Currently owned by John G. Russell (Transport) Ltd., the site will be on sale to potential property developers, once planning permission has been applied for and granted. At the moment, things are at the Pre Application Notification stage (PAN) and now is the time to try and influence the designs.

Leith Links Community Council met recently with the agents and architects to hear more about the plans, and to ask questions and highlight (many) concerns. The local community now needs to have a look at these plans, and to express their views.

Think about the designs in terms of suitability for the site, massing and density, building height, green / open space (or lack of), light.  Also think about the main toad alongside – air quality, noise, effects on local traffic, cycle path provision? And think about the local infrastructure – can it accommodate yet more hundreds of residents – public transport, roads, schools, GP surgeries etc.?

You can also comment below if you like and we will try to incorporate your views into the Community Council’s response to the PAN.

Next meeting of Leith Links Community Council, Monday 28th September, at 6:30pm, via Zoom.

The next meeting of the Leith Links Community Council will take place on Monday 28th September, at 6:30pm, via Zoom.

The Agenda for the meeting, and the Minutes of the previous meeting are here, and in our online Library.

A Zoom link will be sent out nearer the time.

The meeting is open to members of the public who are resident, or have close links to our local area. If you wish to attend, please email and ask to be sent a Zoom link for the meeting.

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