AGM & next meeting of Leith Links Community Council: Monday 29 May at 6:30pm, live at Duncan Place.

The next meeting of the Leith Links Community Council will be held on Monday 29 May at 6:30pm. This meeting will be ‘live’, in-person, and will take place at Duncan Place centre (4 Duncan Place). NB NOT next week but the week after.

The first part of the meeting will consist of the AGM,  followed by a short ‘ordinary’ meeting.

Previous Minutes and Agenda will follow.

Members of the local community are welcome but, sadly, space is very limited in this venue, so please be sure to contact us in advance if you would like to come along. Please email if possible, well BEFORE 29 May.

If you have any issues that you would like to see on the Agenda, please get in touch as soon as possible.

We will also set up a Zoom link so that people can attend the meeting remotely, email and you will be sent the link nearer the time. Warning – the quality for listeners will not be particularly good, as we only have a standard laptop and no special broadcasting equipment, but you would be able to ask questions and make a point via the zoom host.

Leith Links Community Council meeting, Monday 24 April, 6:30pm, online

The next meeting of the Leith Links Community Council will be held on Monday 24 April at 6:30pm, online (probably Microsoft Teams). This meeting will once again be held in partnership with our neighbour Community Council, Leith Harbour and Newhaven.

Previous Minutes (March) and April Agenda are here. Two additional documents (short Council presentation on the CPZ, and detailed record of the questions addressed in discussion) are also available here.

Once again, we have special guest speakers attending our next meeting. The main topic of the meeting will be the Leith Connections and Leith Low Traffic Neighbourhood. Miles Wilkinson, Senior Project Manager, Active Travel Team, and Scott Arthur, Convenor, Transport and Environment Committee, have kindly agreed to attend the meeting and to share information and answer questions about changes in Leith that will be brought about by the Low Traffic Neighbourhood that is being introduced. You can read up about this online before the meeting, at

Although the format of the meeting will not be quite as ‘question-led’ as last month’s meeting, the special guest speakers at our meeting next week will answer questions on the LTN, so please send in any questions you have, asap, in the comments below and/or by email to

Members of the local community are welcome to attend  Please email and you will be sent a link for the meeting, nearer the time. (Please do this BEFORE 12.00 on 24 April, as ‘last minute’ requests are difficult to fulfil.)

Luxury Steam Yachts built in Leith – talk on 18th April

The Leith Local History Society holds interesting meetings monthly. The next one, on Tuesday 18th April at 7pm, in Leith Community Centre, welcomes guest speaker Eric Graham, who is the author of fascinating books including:

Seawolves Pirates and the Scots; Clyde Built; & A Maritime History of Scotland

Next Tuesday,  Eric will share his knowledge of Luxury steam yachts built by Ramage and Ferguson in Leith for very wealthy people around the globe.

Do come along to  Leith Community Centre, for this fascinating talk, and spread the news to your pals – all welcome.

Parking for Visiting Carers – Urgent!

The Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) coming to Leith will affect people who have carers regularly visiting them in their homes to provide essential care, who travel by car. This may be professional carers provided by the Council or by a private company, or it might be informal care provided by friends and/or family.

If this applies to you or to someone you know or care for, who is elderly, ill or disabled,  PLEASE do the following asap!

  1. Fill in the survey at
    This has just been extended, but still only runs until 16 April (NB holiday time!) so do not put it off!
  2. Let the Community Council know, via email:

Leith Links Community Council meeting, Monday 27th March, 6:30pm, online (Teams).

The special guest speakers at our meeting tomorrow asked for questions to be sent to them in advance, so we have done that. We are listing those questions here below, so that members of the community can also see them in advance.

Gavin Brown and Gavin Graham of the City of Edinburgh Council have agreed to share information and answer questions about the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) that are about to be introduced.

Members of the public from Leith and North Leith are welcome to attend  Please email and you will be sent a link for the meeting. (Please do this BEFORE 12.00 on 27th March. Last minute requests are difficult to fulfil.)


CPZ Questions from Leith Links & Leith Harbour & Newhaven Community Council residents


How do we know if we need a permit or not? How / where/ when do we apply?


When will permits come into action and how much will they be?


Can we get permits for visitors and guests?


Will parking permits be needed at night time and weekends, or are they only for 8-5 or 9-6 (or whatever) hours?


I have carers coming to the house three times a day. Two carers on the morning and evening slot. How are they supposed to park? They already are very low paid and can barely afford to work, so I don’t think they can afford to pay big parking fees (and I can’t afford to pay them for them) and also, they are not paid for their travel time, so if they have to spend ages searching for a parking place it will eat into the time they have to give me the care I need. I am very worried.


Why can’t we have parking control only at times that will stop commuters parking all day (like they have at the Grange)? Why does it have to be so all encompassing?


With reference to the above subject and the meeting on Monday 27th March  I would like to ask why CEC have made it so difficult to clearly determine what the full proposals are? With some information being provided on maps and other information provided elsewhere it’s virtually impossible to obtain an accurate understanding of the full plan.

What levels of revenue CEC expect to raise from the introduction of these new CPZ’s and what will this extra revenue be spent on?

What exactly are the proposals to deal with displaced parking should this become an issue? Merely the introduction of further CPZ’s, or are other potential solutions available?


My family often come up from England to visit me, and stay a couple of days. Can I get a Visitor permit for them?


I have an AirBNB in the area. How will my guests be able to park?


When will the controls be implemented? I see yellow lines going in right now, but I don’t think they are ‘live’? How will people know when they start and how long they can continue to park there without fines, meanwhile?


I am a business owner. I am interested to know what we are expected to do about our employees and customers’ parking, since most of Leith parking is for permit holders only. I have a few employees, one of which has to run off to pick up her children from school, she cannot get a bus as timing is unpredictable due to the north bridge closure/consistent changes of leith walk bus stops, and is not on a tram route, and has to park her car. She has expressed an idea that she might have to look for another job due to her not being able to park anywhere. How is it fair that I might lose an employee due to parking restrictions? This is only one of my employees. There must be hundreds of employees in the same situation, let alone customers who will stop coming to Leith to use our businesses. We have already had clients complain that they cannot park. We are not commuters. We are only trying to park our cars and run our businesses. Finally we are getting somewhere with the trams, we’ve survived 16 years of roadworks and mess and now we can’t even park to come to work.

More Specific

Elderly and disabled people who live in a PoLHA block at 133 Constitution Street are ‘marooned’ in their homes as there are no spaces for parking or loading / unloading bays near their door, for taxis and relatives to pick them up and drop off. (Not to mention ambulances etc.)  What can be done to help them?


The Better Day supermarket on Salamander Place is a lifeline for the many residents who live around this area and don’t want to enter the congested areas of Duke Street/Leith Walk and Commercial Street etc. for shopping. It needs a loading bay outside and a few parking slots for shoppers (maybe restricted to 30 minutes and No Return within X hours.


I’d like to know if the CPZ people have liaised with Lothian Buses? There are ongoing discussions about the route of the 34 bus and the location of permanent bus stops  (Constitution Street/ Links Place / Links Gardens /  Salamander Place), and I am concerned that road markings for the CPZ  will not be coordinated with the new plans for the bus stops.


Police officers – Given the representations made to the consultation by a number of police officers about the impact on them, is there no way the Council can provide them with permits in conjunction with their employer?   A sort of essential worker with ‘anti social working hours’ permit?  Many start and finish work at times there is no or very limited public transport and may live quite a way from the Leith station where the Police vehicles are parked.   Was this issue even considered?


Controlled parking is coming in on Tower Place,  against the wishes of the residents (who all have allotted parking spaces with their flats). There will now be no free parking in this area as double yellows all along this section of Ocean Drive due to trams.  Where are delivery vans going to park? They have already started parking on the pavements… sometimes blocking dropped kerbs  (and we have a few wheelchair users) and there are huge numbers of pedestrians using the road constantly due to the Victoria ship (plus many of them have cars parked in Tower Place). Could we at least have a couple of loading bays?


I’d like to know if the council will repaint all lines /add new lines on Tower St. It’s devoid of ANY road markings. Also George Brown & sons park big vans in 2 disabled spaces on Tower St alongside the Malmaison – and this must stop.


Parking bays being put in the entrances to the garage businesses on Manderston St and Gordon St, why? We will be fighting just to get parked at our own entrance! Bad enough when the double yellows got put in deterring customers parking up for quotes, advice etc! Some thoughts for local business wouldn’t go amiss.


I have a permit for my own home address (Links Gardens), will I also be able to park near my work if I need to at times (Commercial Street)?

I don’t really understand the zones – both North Leith and Leith seem to be numbered N8 – are they covered by the same permit?   With a permit for Links Gardens, will I be able to park in the North Leith zone, eg, away along at Newhaven?


I had a walk round the block this morning and counted 7 cars in permit holder parking areas. Obviously not in use yet but they all had school parking permit holder badges. St Mary’s school parking area is full so I assume these are teachers cars on the street. A question for Monday. Will these cars be allowed to use the permit parking spaces? Or is their permit just to use the full school car park?


I’d like to know what the arrangements are going to be for monitoring in the adjacent areas and how long the monitoring period will go on for.   Will there be a baseline established to monitor against?   If that is done during school holidays it will show a significantly lower number of cars parked in Duncan and Wellington Place and Links Place.

Having seen the painting for ‘Permit Holders only’ has just gone in on Links Gardens and assume the double (?) yellows will go in next I would expect to see immediate displacement effects to other areas.    In the absence of signage to show the controls do not apply as yet people will avoid risking a parking fine.

Can I therefore ask the CPZ speakers to tell us more about how they will actually monitor displacement from now- not just when the controls actually come in which looks to be likely in six months time?    For example are they setting up monitoring points/positions and doing parked vehicle counts at specific times/days of the week?    Do they have people living in certain streets to report in to them?   How will ‘monitoring’ actually work and when will it start?


I live just outside the CPZ, and am anticipating a huge problem of displaced parking in my street and immediately surrounding streets. What ‘monitoring’ will be done exactly? When will it start? How will the level of displaced parking be measured and recorded?


This next list, compiled by Councillor Chas Booth, are questions that he has received from community councils and others:

General questions or process questions

1)            Where can we see the map tiles of the final version of the restrictions, as they will be installed? Page 3 of the Strategic Review of Parking website shows maps, but it’s not clear if these are the final version, as they will be installed?

2)            Where can we see a detailed list of all the comments received during the consultation and the council’s response to each one? In many cases it looks like the council has ignored comments submitted during the consultation, and I’d like to know why? If it’s not possible to see each comment and response, is it possible to see common themes and the council’s response to these?

3)            When will the controls come into force?

4)            What communication with residents will there be before the controls come into force? Specifically, will I receive a letter giving me sufficient warning to allow me to get a permit?

5)            Zones N7 and N8 don’t appear to be listed on the council’s list of residents’ parking permit charges on the council website. Why not? When will they be listed? What will the price of a permit be in zones N7 and N8?

6)            Why are you introducing these changes? There is no problem with parking in my area.

7)            What consultation was carried out prior to this work starting? Where can I read the consultation reports?

8)            Some of the map tiles I have seen do not appear to have been updated with the results of the tram work. What coordination happened between the CPZ team and tram team? For example some sections immediately adjacent to the tram line only have restrictions until 5.30pm, whereas any parking at that location is likely to stop tram operations?

9)            Are these changes consistent with the proposed cycle lane along Lindsay Road, Commercial Street, Baltic Street etc as part of Leith Connections phase 3? Will the whole thing need to be ripped up if that project is approved? What coordination happened between the CPZ team and Leith connections team?

10)          What are the hours of operation of the new restrictions?

11)          If people act as paid or unpaid carers for somebody living in the new zone, how do they go about getting a permit? Is there a charge for carers to get a permit and if so what is it?

12)          What does the council intend to do to publicise the details of the new zone to residents and visitors, to ensure everyone is aware when it goes live?

13)          If changes are needed to the scheme as installed, for example because parking bays are causing an obstruction, or if unrestricted roads in the area suffer from uncontrolled parking, what is the process and timetable for remedying this? What review processes are in place to ensure these issues are picked up and acted upon?

Queries related to specific streets / locations:

  1. a)            Why is there pay-and-display parking at Salamander Street next to the junction with Salamander Place? This is the narrowest part of the street and likely to lead to problems. It should be double yellows.
  2. b)            There should be a loading bay outside the convenience store on Salamander Place, why is this not included?
  3. c)            What is the council doing to address parking pressure around the Links on match days and other days when events happen? Why are the restrictions not 7-days?
  4. d)            What are the proposals within the new Ropeworks development?
  5. e)            On Mill Lane there is a short section of residents parking shown. This is visitor parking for the former Leith Hospital, and should not be covered by restrictions.
  6. f)             Salamander Street on the south side appears to show parking restrictions, but this is where phase 3 of Leith connections intends to put the cycle lane?
  7. g)            What are the details on Portland Street? Will the end-on-parking be retained or not? If this is to be unrestricted, how will the council respond to parking problems as they arise?





Next Meeting of Leith Links Community Council – your questions about parking!

The next meeting of the Leith Links Community Council will be held on Monday 27th March at 6:30pm, online (via Microsoft Teams). The meeting will be held in partnership with our neighbour Community Council Leith Harbour and Newhaven.

March Agenda and Previous Minutes (February) are here.

We have special guest speakers attending, Gavin Brown and Gavin Graham of the City of Edinburgh Council, who have agreed to share information and answer questions about the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) that are about to be introduced to Leith and North Leith.

Members of the public from these areas are welcome to attend – we are hoping for a large attendance. Please email and you will be sent a link for the meeting. (Please do this BEFORE 27th March if possible as ‘last minute’ requests are difficult to fulfil.)

Our speakers have asked that your questions about the CPZ be sent to them in advance of the meeting so that they can be prepared to answer them.

What would you like to know about the imminent Controlled Parking Zones?

Please send your questions in (fairly briefly worded please) as soon as possible, either via the Comments below, or by email to
and we will forward these to our Council speakers for next week.

Please note that the topic of this meeting does NOT cover the whole Leith Walk area, but only Zones N8 (and by implication, adjoining ‘grey zones’) on the map below.

The 34 bus route, and bus stop location

The Community Council recently asked Lothian Buses what their plans are for the No. 34 bus.

In September 2022, the new bus route taking the 34 down Restalrig Road, through Links Gardens, and down Salamander Place before proceeding along to Ocean Terminal was introduced. For some reason, it was described as having been ‘re-routed’ or ‘diverted’ from Constitution Street due to the tramworks (although in fact there never was a 34 on Constitution Street, though there was at one time a 12, and of course the 16).

We were initially told that the 34 would eventually travel via Queen Charlotte Street and the north end of Constitution Street once the end of the tramworks made that possible. Now that the works are nearly over and the roadway is clear, we wondered if the route of the 34 would change?

A number of local residents have been asking about this. Some are keen to see a bus on Constitution Street again, while others have pointed out that the Salamander Place route actually delivers a much needed service to the large population of people who live in the new homes (e.g. the RopeWorks) around Salamander Place, with many more new residents set to move into the new flats being built on Salamander Street / Baltic Street.

Below is the reply we received from Lothian Buses:

34 Bus – Leith Links

Lothian service 34 continues to be diverted via Salamander Place.

Lothian have not been advised of a date when Constitution Street will be suitable for buses.  The route via Salamander Street has proven to be popular with customers and Lothian is in discussions with the Council’s public transport team regarding the possibility of permanent bus stops that would allow the service to operate via Salamander Street in the future.  Lothian do not have a timescale or any further detail on this at present.    

Lothian is committed to delivering for all of our customers – we will publicise any changes as soon as we are in a position to do so.

Gaynor Marshall
Communications Director


The mention of bus stops raises a new and important question. If the current route is kept, and bus stops are to be made permanent, we want to be sure the stops are in the ‘right place’ to be most useful to bus users. If you have views on the best location for 34 bus stops around the Links, please let us know in the Comments below, or in an email to

SOS Leith – read about sewage in the Water of Leith

At the recent February meeting of the Leith Links Community Council, we had an excellent guest speaker; Jim Jarvie of Save Our Shore (SOS) Leith. He explained in full detail the appalling situation about raw sewage being emptied regularly into the Water of Leith, and remaining there, trapped in the deep silt (as the river is no longer tidal). SOS Leith is campaigning to get Scottish Government, SEPA and Scottish Water to address this situation responsibly.

You can view the presentation here: Jim Jarvie SOS Leith talk

Leith Links Community Council is committed to supporting the work of SOS Leith in any way possible.


REMINDER – Leith Links Community Council meets LIVE, in-person today, Monday 27 February 2023, 6:30 pm.Duncan Place

The next meeting of the Leith Links Community Council will be held LIVE, in-person today, Monday 27 February 2023, at 6:30 pm.

We will meet in Duncan Place, at No. 4 Duncan Place, beside the Links.

As always, this meeting is open to interested members of the public. If you intend to come along in person or remotely, please email to let us know. If you wish to try and join remotely, also please email to let us know, and we will send out a link between 2 and 6pm today.

Agenda for 27 February 2023 is here. We are looking forward to a presentation from Jim Jarvie of the Friends of the Water of Leith Basin (FOWL.b)

Last month’s Minutes are here: Minutes of the Leith Links Community Council meeting 30 January 2023. Also the presentation by Scottish Water & Veolia re Seafield sewage plant.

Leith Local History Society, Tuesday, 21st February

After an absence of two years due to covid Leith Local History Society returns with a programme of talks over the next five months. Unfortunately numbers of people attending meetings have dropped as some members have moved on.

It would be great to see new faces so if you’re interested in finding about the history of the local area it would great to see you

The next meeting of the Leith Local History Society will be held on Tuesday, 21st February at 7.00pm in Leith Community Centre. The Talk will be by Ashleigh Thompson, City of Edinburgh Archivist who will tell us about new items added to the city collection



Best wishes

Jim Scanlon

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