Help City of Edinburgh Council decide which streets need adapted as part of its Covid-19 response

The City of Edinburgh Council, with support from Sustrans Scotland, is introducing temporary measures to protect public health and support physical distancing. These measures will make it easier and safer for people to get around our streets for essential journeys and exercise.

Using their online tool citizens can submit suggestions on their interactive map, and others can show their support for any suggestions. Of course, additional feedback can still be submitted to your local Councillors – Booth, McVey & Munro or by emailing Council officers at

There are a number of suggestions & feedback relating to the Leith Links Community Council area on the Councils website, an example of three such streets are;

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Scottish Water put community on notice for possible increase in foul odour emissions

Scottish Water have today let the Community Council know about planned works this week which could result in an increase in foul odour emissions from their site.





Scottish Water spokesperson Natalie Walker (Corporate Affairs) said today;

As part of our commitment to keep the community informed I want to make you aware of a planned maintenance activity this week at Seafield.

Site operators Veolia will start storm tank cleaning on Wednesday (17/06/2020) with work due to finish the following day.  The tanks are being cleaned at the first available opportunity which follows a reduction in flows since recent rainfall in the catchment.Scottish Water logo

Every effort will be made to complete this work as quickly as possible and to minimise odour – with odour reducing additives being deployed as necessary.

I would be grateful if elected members and the Community Council could help and share this message locally to help us ensure as wide a reach as possible.

An update will be provided upon completion of the works

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Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary responds to foul odour emission complaints

Due to ongoing foul odour emissions from Seafield our local MSP Ben MacPherson wrote to the Scottish Governments Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform.

The Scottish Governments response has now been shared with Leith Links Community Council and we are sharing it here so that our community to read the Cabinet Secretarys views regarding the ongoing foul odour emissions.

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Community Councils Together on Trams: Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 30 April 2020

Leith Links Community Council is a member of ‘Community Councils Together on Trams’ alongside Leith Central Community CouncilLeith Harbour & Newhaven Community Council and New Town & Broughton Community Council. CCTT is the coalition of Community Councils who meet regularly to discuss, scrutinise and influence the intended continuation of the Edinburgh Tram system to Newhaven.

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 30 April 2020 are copied below for our communities information.

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Scottish Water respond to complaints of excessive noise from Seafield

Odour is by far the biggest nuisance from Seafield which negatively impacts on the quality of life for many local residents however, it is often the case that excessive noise from the site is also problematic.

A recent spike in noise complaints has resulted in one of Scottish Waters Dundee based spokespeople contacting the Community Council to explain the noise. Notably, their explanation does not include an apology, as is often the case when they respond to odour complaints. Their email is copied below;

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John Rattray site works update

It was with great fanfare that the Leith Rules Golf Society unveiled their statue of John Rattray on Leith Links, click here to view our blog post from the time. Alongside the statue there are three stone plinths with bronze plaques and sculptured mounds of marram grass which mimic the appearance of the greenspace as it would have appeared in the 1700s when Rattray played golf on the Links.

John Rattray and his golf rules are an important part of Leiths rich history. It is with thanks to the perseverance of the Leith Rules Golf Society, their supporters and their financial donors that their ambition has been realised on behalf of our whole community.

Since the unveiling in Autumn 2019 the site has remained fenced off, much to the frustration and concern of many members of our community who are wondering what is happening with the site.

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Scottish Water notifies community of increased risk of foul odour emissions

Many members of our community have had their quality of life negatively impacted during a recent spike in foul odour emissions from Seafield, for which one of Scottish Waters Dundee based managers issued an apology to our community.

However, Leithers have today been given notice by Scottish Water that there may be a further increase in foul odour emissions from the site with measures being put into place to help mitigate the increased odours. In a statement published today, and also emailed to Leith Links Community Council, Scottish Water said:

As part of our commitment to keep the community updated, we would like to advise that there are no planned maintenance activities taking place at Seafield WwTW this weekend.Scottish Water logo

However, following the recent extended dry spell, we have started to see some heavy rainfall with more forecast over the next couple of days. The change in weather means that solids that have accumulated in the network are now arriving at Seafield. This has entered the treatment process.

The wind is forecast to remain onshore for the majority of the weekend which raises the odour risk for the community.

In order to mitigate against elevated odours, the sludge that is arriving is being dosed to remove some of the compounds which cause odour. With no planned maintenance, all processing equipment and streams are fully operational which will allow for maximum processing throughout today and over the weekend.

While also campaigning for long term solutions, it is vitally important that we keep reporting odour nuisance whenever it occurs, to demonstrate the scale of the problem and the impact on the local community.

Leith Links Community Council continues to encourage any member of our community who is negatively impacted by the release of foul odour emissions from the Seafield site to report such incidents via our website.

Our online reporting tool not only notifies Scottish Water, but simultaneously informs the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Veolia UK, Leith Links Community Council, City of Edinburgh Council (officers and Councillors Booth, Munro & McVey), the Scottish Governments Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and local MSP Ben MacPherson.




Scottish Water issue [another] apology for ongoing Seafield stench

Towards the end of last week our Community Council received many reports of foul odour emissions affecting residents quality of life, not just in the Leith Links are but also as far afield as Easter Road stadium and Pilrig. We posted an article about this on our website – Leithers despair as Seafield stench continues.

Over the weekend, in response to these complaints, and upon being challenged by Leith Links Community Council, Scottish Water have issued an apology to our community. In an email to Community Council Chairperson Jim Scanlon on Sunday Scottish Waters PFI Performance Manager (based in Dundee) said –

 I apologise to the community for us not being able to counteract the odours witnessed in recent days.

Commenting on the latest apology, Secretary of Leith Links Community Council Sally Millar said;

Community Councillor Sally Millar

The local community in the Leith Links area is frustrated, angry and sick –yes, literally, the smell makes people feel sick – of the disgusting odours of sewage emanating from the Seafield sewage plant. There has been a massive spike in complaints in the past two weeks. The weather is hot; we need to open our windows. Due to Covid19 lockdown rules, we are only allowed to go outside to exercise, play or relax near our own homes. Yet our entire area has been suffused with the foul smell of human excrement, for days on end.

These smells have been with us for decades, but none of the agents involved – the City of Edinburgh Council, Scottish Water and Veolia and SEPA – seem to be able or willing to deal with this problem effectively. We are told that lots of rain causes the smells. Then we are told that lack of rain causes the smells. We are told that the wind causes the smell problem. Do they take us for idiots?

We have recently received yet another apology from Scottish Water for “not being able to counteract the odours witnessed in recent days”. But this is simply the latest in a very long line of similar apologies (a cut and paste job?). It is an insult to the local community. What we need is action and results, not continual apologies.


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John Rattray statue landscaping blooming lovely!

Recently some landscaping works have taken place in Leith Links in preparation for the arrival of a bronze statue of John Rattray. The area around the statue has been landscaped in the style of dunes which once covered the site.

Regular updates as to the progress of the Rattray statue, and the associated works are provided on the Leith Rules Golf Society website (click here). With information relating to the life of John Rattray available on Wikipedia (click here).









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