Leith Glassworks a talk by Katie O’Connell

The next meeting of the Leith Local History Society will be the AGM at 6.30pm on Tuesday 19 Sep. 2023 at Leith Community Centre followed at 7pm by a talk from Katie O’Connell,
All are invited.
Leith Glassworks by Katie O’Connell, AOL Archaeology and the findings from the new housing site on Salamander Street.
Please see below for this years forthcoming talks:-
17 Oct. 2023 George IV’s Visit to Leith – Eric Melvin
21 Nov. 2023 The Plague in Leith – learning from the past – Janes Groves
19 Nov. 2023  Society Social Evening – possible quiz
16 Jan 2024 The Northern Lighthouse Board – Mike Bullock
20 Feb. 2024 The Gallipoli Campaign – David C. Clarke
19 Mar. 2024 The History of Golf – Brian Graham
16 Apr. 2024 Scotland – Beneath the surface – Bruce Keith
21 May 2024 – AGM possible speaker to be arranged.
If you are interested by the programme of upcoming talks why not complete the attached membership form and bring it to the next meeting.
Look forward to seeing you on 19th Sep.

Volunteers needed to support Vigil queue following death of HM Queen Elizabeth ll

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, Volunteer Edinburgh is recruiting volunteers to be a part of an historic event.  Volunteers are needed to provide light-touch support and most of all, a welcoming, friendly face to members of the public who are queueing as part of the vigil.

Her Majesty’s coffin will travel from Balmoral to Edinburgh, where there will be a period of rest at St Giles Cathedral before removal to London.  During this period of rest there will be an opportunity for members of the public to pass through the cathedral, past the coffin.

Members of the public will be allowed into the cathedral from 1730hrs on Monday 12th September, with viewing permitted until 1600hrs on Tuesday 13th.

It is anticipated that as many as 88,000 people may transit through the cathedral during the period of the vigil.

Queue Support Volunteers will not be responsible for crowd management or safety.  This function will be undertaken by professional marshals from G4S.  The role is to provide information and light-touch support to people in the queue.

Volunteers will operate in groups, on shifts lasting three or four hours, starting at 0800 on Monday 12th and ending at 1700 on Tuesday 13th.  Volunteers should be comfortable being outside and on your feet.  You’ll be able to sign up to shifts online and Volunteer Edinburgh’s team leaders will be on hand to support volunteers on the day.

If you are interested in supporting this event of national and international significance, please follow the link below to register your details.


For more information on the role please seehttps://www.volunteeredinburgh.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Unicorn-Volunteer-Role-Description.pdf

Death of Her Majesty the Queen: Disruption in city centre

Good morning,

Buckingham Palace announced the death of Her Majesty The Queen yesterday. A range of ceremonial events are planned to take place in Edinburgh and the Royal Household will confirm plans for events in the coming days.

We’re working with The Scottish Government and Police Scotland on plans to accommodate large crowds of visitors to the city who wish to pay their respects and attend the events.

We expect significant disruption in the city centre, and we want to advise you, and the residents and businesses in the Old Town, about road closures and changes to some services that may impact you, and your stakeholders, and access for deliveries to businesses and homes in the area.

Some of the services that will be affected include changes to parking, public transport, bin collections, some city centre school closures and diversions. Please visit our website to find out which services are impacted and how this will impact you and your stakeholders. We will keep it updated with the latest information as it becomes available. Please check it regularly for updates.

City of Edinburgh Council

Emergency Services Day , Saturday 10th September, POSTPONED

Email received form Leith Police this morning

Good morning ,

With the sad news of the death of Her Majesty The Queen I am writing to inform you that we have decided to postpone Emergency Services Day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for the support you have shown to myself and the team so far, and I want to assure you that when the time is right, we will begin discussions around arranging a new date.

Kindest regards,


PS Samantha Rose

Community Sergeant

Leith Police Station

Emergency Services Day in Leith

Emergency Services Day in Leith

Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Commercial Street

Saturday 10th September 2022

1100 – 1500 hours

Entry at Commercial Street ONLY


In partnership with Scottish Government, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Royal Military Police, HM Coast Guard, Water Rescue Unit, British Army, RNLI Lifeboats, Scottish Air Ambulance, British Red Cross, Mountain Rescue, RAF, Rapid Relief Team, Ambulance Service, City of Edinburgh Council, Places for People and third sector agencies such as Citadel, YMCA and The Ripple, we would love your attendance to show your support to all our services and celebrate all the amazing work each and every service provides to our communities.

Rapid Relief Team have many volunteers attending the event providing free hot food to every attendee.

This is a family day providing opportunities to speak with every service, whether it be for general advice, to discuss career opportunities or to have a look around the brilliant equipment which they use daily.

Third-sector youth providers are attending to offer fun activities for the younger members of our communities to take part in, such as sports and face-painting.

We look forward to seeing all of you there – and please share with your partners, friends and families. I have attached the poster for your offices.

Next meeting of Leith Links Community Council, Monday 28th September, at 6:30pm, via Zoom.

The next meeting of the Leith Links Community Council will take place on Monday 28th September, at 6:30pm, via Zoom.

The Agenda for the meeting, and the Minutes of the previous meeting are here, and in our online Library.

A Zoom link will be sent out nearer the time.

The meeting is open to members of the public who are resident, or have close links to our local area. If you wish to attend, please email contact@leithlinkscc.org.uk and ask to be sent a Zoom link for the meeting.

Seafield Update

Information received from Scottish Water:

“We wanted to make you aware that Veolia plans to clean the storm tanks at Seafield between Monday 21st September and Wednesday 23 September, next week.  This is the first available opportunity to complete this maintenance task following the recent heavy rainfall in the catchment area, and whilst weather conditions are forecast to be favourable.

In addition, as part of planned maintenance activities at the site, Primary Settlement Tank 1 (PST1) is to be drained and cleaned. This activity has been scheduled to commence today with work expected to take approximately one week.

Conditions are currently forecast to be favourable and every effort will be made to minimise the odour risk when carrying out these activities.

Both SEPA and the City of Edinburgh Council have been informed.

We will issue a further update once Veolia has completed the work.

Note: A link to this communication will be posted on social media and also on our website  – https://www.scottishwater.co.uk/seafield

As always if you smell any sewage it’s important that you complete our report form.

I can assure you that all public bodies and elected councillors sit up and pay attention to every complaint made. Your MSP Ben MacPherson has also worked hard on your behalf to secure a commitment by the Scottish Government to invest no regrets funding to reduce odour emissions in 2020/21 and a new state of the art sewage works will be built on the same site in 2030 hopefully to end the Seafield Stench.

Jim Scanlon

Chair, Leith Links Community Council

Rattray statue uncaged at last

After 10 years of fund-raising by Leith Rules Golf Society, amounting to an amazing £120,000 followed by motions to Parliament, Royal Consent and planning applications, the statue of John Rattray was cast by Powderhall Bronze and erected on its current position on the Links last September surrounded by a fence.

Finally, after a further year of negotiations with City of Edinburgh Council, the fencing came down yesterday.

Leith Links and Rattray have an important part in the history of golf. The original 13 rules of  the game were written down by Rattray for a competition on Leith Links in 1744. Those 13 rules were the foundation of the rules of golf up to the present day.

The statue belongs to the people of Leith and we should all be proud of this additional part of our rich history.

I hope we can all respect the statue and protect it from vandalism and I encourage you all, like me, to keep an eye on it to protect it.

Since yesterday there’s been lots of interest in Rattray and we hope it will attract visitors from all over the world who, fingers crossed, will also spend their money in Leith.

Jim Scanlon

Free benefit and debt advice for Edinburgh residents

Free benefit and debt advice for Edinburgh residents

As the coronavirus pandemic hits the economy harder, more people are now dependent on benefits due to job loss and reduced income. Many people aren’t able to pay for essential things like rent and mortgage costs while others struggle with fuel and food costs.

Four of the city’s advice services are still busy working to support residents to maximise their income and support through these difficult times – whether it is helping people to get the benefits they are entitled to, helping manage debt or rent arrears, giving advice on housing problems or budgeting or help with food and bills. All services are currently providing assistance remotely though some are starting to offer limited face to face appointments.

Contact us if you or any of your clients/residents/community/members need help through these difficult times:

Leith Links event application: Lady Boys of Bangkok / La Clique Cabaret (August & September 2020)

City of Edinburgh Council have made us known that they are considering an application by The Lady Boys of Bangkok / La Clique Cabaret to occupy an area of Leith Links for the purposes of performances (including setting up & taking down time) from 2 August – 2 September 2020.

This follows on from an application submitted in 2018 for The Lady Boys of Bangkok to occupy part of Leith Links during 2019.  View an earlier posting on our website here about the application at that time, and our response at that time.

As this is a large scale event, both in terms of attendees (estimated at 500 per day) and in terms of length of occupation of Leith Links, we are encouraging all members of our community to take part in the application consideration process.

Our community is encouraged to express their views, ask any questions and provide any suggestions by 11 October 2019, in order that the City of Edinburgh Council can take them into consideration when deciding whether to grant the application or not.

The City of Edinburgh Councils local Parks Officer has already made know their comment/s & fed them into the application consideration process – “this site could accommodate the event and still have areas for the locals”.

At Leith Links Community Council we have a policy on requests relating to events on Leith Links, which can be viewed here.

The web form at the bottom of this post will be automatically sent to:

  • Councillor Gordon Munro (Leith Ward)
  • Councillor Chas Booth (Leith Ward)
  • Councillor Adam McVey (Leith Ward)
  • Councillor Lesley MacInnes (Convener, Transport & Environment Committee)
  • Councillor Karen Doran (Vice Convener, Transport & Environment Committee)
  • Councillor Donald Wilson (Convener, Culture & Communities Committee)
  • Councillor Amy McNeese-Mechan (Vice Convener, Culture & Communities Committee)
  • Leith Links Community Council
  • City of Edinburgh Council (Parks, Greenspaces and Cemeteries service)


Update (08:15 on 29/9/19)

As of 08:15 on 29/9/19, a total of fifty responses to the consultation have been submitted:

  • Strongly support – 21 (8 responses with comments, questions, suggestions etc)
  • Support – 3 (3 responses with comments, questions, suggestions etc)
  • Neutral – 2 (2 responses with comments, questions, suggestions etc)
  • Object – 2 (2 responses with comments, questions, suggestions etc)
  • Strongly object – 21 (21 responses with comments, questions, suggestions etc)
  • Undecided 1 (0 responses with comments, questions, suggestions etc)

Update (21:45 on 1/10/19)

At our meeting on 30/9/19, we have decided to remove the function whereby the completed web forms automatically send to City of Edinburgh Council officers & Councillors, instead, from this point we will collate all responses into a spreadsheet which we will forward to them at the end of the consultation.  This is to avoid their email inboxes being flooded.



Consultation response form

Please note that this is a consultation, not a petition or a vote.  You may wish to provide comments, questions & suggestions that those deciding on the application can consider, rather than simply stating whether you object or support the application.

Please select a valid form.

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